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An Adventurer in Consciousness

An Adventurer in Consciousness

Aspects of Yourself Well, hello there. I wanted to read you something from the Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential book by Michael Bernard Beckwith. It’s a book that I’m reading ten pages a day right now. It says, “You are an adventurer in consciousness. Just as we meet different aspects of ourself when we travel […]

Questions for the Universe – Part 1

Questions for the Universe- Part 1

Human Contact I know you’ve seen all kinds of things that we’ve brought back from Mount Ida, Arkansas. And every once in a while, we come home with a real surprise. And one of the surprises we brought home with us from our live retreat last month in Mount Ida, was the realization that we […]

Angelic Crystals

Angelic Crystals

Unique Crystals I found a fantastic crystal on one of my trips to Mount Ida, Arkansas. It has a spot that fits right into your thumb. Like a thumb holder. How cool is that? It also has a shape inside of it that looks like the Archangel Gabriel with his trumpet. And in the light, […]

Mount Ida, Arkansas Channeling (In-Person)

Mount Ida Channeling

Adironnda Channels Online Healing in the Crystalline Energy of Gaia Retreat Recording Sunday-Thursday – August 02-06, 2020   Adironnda Mount Ida, Arkansas Retreat Channeling Mt Ida, AR Retreat Channeling – Closing     We LOVE to hear from you! Please leave us a comment in the box below.

Earth’s Chakra System [#61]

Earth's Chakra System

Adironnda Answers Featured Question This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 6/6/2020 Double Digit: Q: Where does the chakra system reside on earth, and does the universe have a chakra? A: There are energy centers in all things. Yes, the earth has a series of energy centers as well, and through time-lapse, the miracles of […]