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Bargain Box of Possibilities

Bargain Box of Possibilities

Shifting Consciousness Hello. I keep telling people, Adironnda keeps telling people, and you probably keep hearing somewhere along in the world, that everything in the world is changing. And the mass consciousness of the planet is shifting its frequency, is shifting its energy, and it is. So how cool is that, that we, the planet, […]

Mount Ida, Arkansas Channeling (In-Person)

Mount Ida Channeling

Adironnda Channels Online Healing in the Crystalline Energy of Gaia Retreat Recording Sunday-Thursday – August 02-06, 2020   Adironnda Mount Ida, Arkansas Retreat Channeling Mt Ida, AR Retreat Channeling – Closing     We LOVE to hear from you! Please leave us a comment in the box below.

Houston Everything is Possible Channelings (Livestream)

houston everything is possible adironnda channelings

Adironnda Channels Online Everything is Possible Plurkshop Recordings Saturday-Sunday – June 20-21, 2020   Adironnda Houston, TX Channelings (Livestream) Houston, TX Channeling Livestream – Day 1     Houston,TX Channeling Livestream – Day 2     We LOVE to hear from you! Please leave us a comment in the box below.

How to Create Anything

Mediation Flow Hi. I was thinking earlier today in my meditation, and this came in, do things flow into your meditation? Do you meditate? Do you write after you meditate? I always write after I meditate, if at all possible. Joeaux gets a lot of fantastic information in her journaling and her automatic or guided […]

Music to Raise Your Vibration

Turn the Music On Marilyn: Hi. Joeaux: Hi. Marilyn: We have had so many people ask us about our playlist or our music list that we play during our Plurkshops (play+work=plurk), that we thought we would share them with you. Joeaux: Most of you have shared your songs with us, and we learned when we […]

Mexico Plurkshop Channelings

mexico plurkshop channelings

Mexico Adironnda Channelings Everything is Possible Weekend Plurkshop March 7-8, 2020 Teotihuacan, Mexico Channelings   Teotihuacan, Mexico Plurkshop Channeling 1     Teotihuacan, Mexico Plurkshop Channeling 2     Teotihuacan, Mexico Plurkshop Channeling 3: Pyramid Excursion – Coming Soon   We LOVE to hear from you! Please leave us a comment in the box below.

Everything is Possible Plurkshop


Everything is Possible Marilyn: Hello, Joeaux. Joeaux: Hello, Marilyn. Are we going to talk about one of our favorite things? Marilyn: We are. First of all, I see you’re in the desert and I’m at the beach. Joeaux: Because everything is possible. Marilyn: Everything IS possible. That is exactly right. So I’ve been thinking about […]