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Wanted: Soulopreneurs

wanted soulopreneurs

About Our Business Marilyn: Hi, I’m Marilyn Harper. Joeaux: And I’m Joeaux Robey. Marilyn: And I just love our little talks like this. Joeaux: Except this is like really close. Marilyn: We’re really close. Joeaux: Yeah. Marilyn: So, I just wanted to talk to you a little bit about our business. You know, yes, I’m […]

Private Channeling Sessions with Adironnda & the Council of Light

Private Channeling Sessions Adironnda

What Are Private Channeling Sessions with Adironnda like? People often ask US about private channeling sessions with Adironnda? In this week’s message, Marilyn Harper explains that private sessions activate your sparkle. Once you experience it, you know why people choose this one-on-one communication with US. Take a peek at Marilyn’s short 1.41 minute video and […]