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Shining Your Light – What Is It?[#128]

Shining Your Light- What Is It?

Adironnda Answers Featured Question This week’s featured Q&A comes from a Double Digit member: Q: What exactly is shining your light? Do you need to visualize light beams, or is it okay to just wish well to others? Channeled from Adironnda through Marilyn Harper: A: That is a good question. It is okay just to […]

Spiritual Message Today: To Bag or Not to Bag

Spiritual Message Today

Ever feel like life would be better with a bag over your head? Just not do anything… not think about all the horrible things that are going on in your world. Just put the bag over your head. Maybe they’ll disappear, maybe they’ll go somewhere. There’s a bunch of people you can blame for all the […]