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Adironnda in Crestone   The Channelings   Day 1 Opening Crestone File size: 83 MB Length: 1:09:18     Day 2 AM Crestone File size: 47 MB Length: 38:47     Day 2 Harmony Gardens Crestone File size: 28 MB Length: 23:40     Day 3 Meditation Crestone File size: 48 MB Length: 40:41   […]

Meditation?!? I’m SO There.

Adapted by Sheila Key from her book, 50 Ways to Leave Your 40s. When asked how to meditate, many spiritual masters offer the same simple advice: Sit quietly and observe the breath. But what’s the big deal about breathing? Newborn babies can do it with their eyes closed! So… nothing to it, right? Right! Yet, […]

Silent Meditation Methods

Silent meditation methods prove very powerful, relaxing and will provide tremendous benefits as you start your day. We recommend starting your day with meditation and then concluding your day with meditation. Silent meditation definitely has its benefits as do guided meditation.