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Perceptive Opinions

Perception Hi! You know, I witnessed something this morning at my mother’s church. It’s a traditional church. She has a Sunday school class that has, I don’t know, 5 or 6 people in it that are all over 80, I’m sure. If not over 85. Anyway, the lesson was about Amos. Now, I’m not big […]

Staycations and Have Fun Everywhere

So tip three and tip four. Tip three is take a vacation. Do you take a vacation every year? Do you take a vacation every month? I read a book somewhere that was, “Double Your Income Doing What You Love” or something like that, and one of his tips was to take a vacation every […]

Eightfold Path of Buddhism: Right Speech

Right Speech

We are continuing with our series of the Eightfold Path according to the Buddhist tradition, in celebration of our Thailand retreat and our Visionaries in Light Convergence. Not that either one is really for only Buddhists, but the Buddhists on our council and in my meditation, I was to share some of their teachings since […]

Eightfold Path of Buddhism: Right View or Right Understanding

right view

I have just been thinking about our Visionaries in Light Convergence and the theme of the infinite possibilities of peace, and our trip to Thailand for Awakening the Buddha Within. I have really been looking into the four noble truths, and the Eightfold Path, and what exactly peace means. I am going to attempt to […]

Interpretation of The Eightfold Path of Buddhism

I would just like to tell you a little bit about the Eightfold Path according to the Buddhist tradition. Now, first of all, I am not an expert on Buddhism nor an expert on the Noble Eightfold Path or the Four Noble Truths, but I am studying and getting ready for our trip to Thailand. […]

Flow Everywhere You Are

There are times that things go south on you. You’ve probably experienced that, even after careful planning, things don’t go as you expected. When that happens, do you find it hard to go on with whatever you have planned to do? This week, Marilyn shares how to be in the flow, even when things don’t […]