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Be the Change You Want to See

BE the CHANGE Webinar

Have you ever been part of an advocacy or movement? Was it easy to sway others to your idea or vision? In order to make a profound change in this world, the change must start within you. By taking the initiative, you’re already making this world a lot better. That’s what this week’s spiritual message […]

4 Practical Tips on How to Find Inner Peace

Find Inner Peace

In this week’s spiritual message, Marilyn Harper shares four practical steps on how she attains inner peace. May it help you find your Zen place of peace. Peace of mind is easier to achieve when all is well. Though, we all know there are times when finding inner peace is not so easy. Fortunately, there are techniques you can […]

Spiritual Balance

Spiritual Balance

So! It is good day to you! Very good to see each of your energies. You understand that this is, as we’ve talked many times before, the year for moving through your fears, the year for expanding who you are, the year for leaping like the dolphins, out of your own comfort zone, and playing […]

Clearing Space for Divine Order

Clearing Space for Divine Order

Do you ever find it difficult to get into “the flow?” It is so important to clear physical clutter around you in order to create space “within you.” Marilyn’s got a little insight on this in the video below. WATCH THIS VIDEO FOR INSIGHT. When You Surround Yourself with Clutter, You Literally Feel the Blockages. […]

Personalized Guided Meditation: Ask for Help

Personalized Guided Meditation: The Kind of Help that You Need Yesterday, I went down to Branson and recorded the Personalized Guided Meditations with my musician, Randy Luna. When I got there, we were both a bit frazzled. We were getting ready for the Convergence as he was taking care of his business and we both got […]

We are the Light

we are the light

In this week’s message, Marilyn/Adironnda “The Vessel” Harper encourages us to look at our own reflection and see the light we manifest, and expand it. Just as Marilyn expands her own light to us through these weekly messages, which are intended to make our lives brighter. Without any further ado, let’s watch Marilyn on the […]

What is your Mission?

What is your purpose

Whether you admit it or not, we have all been there. Trying to find reason for our existence. That unsettling feeling that you have a higher purpose, a higher calling. Some call it their mission in life, some say it’s in trying to make a difference – be it in the life of their loved ones, or with other people. […]