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Spiritual Lessons From Netflix

Spiritual Lessons From Netflix

Because You Watched This Hello. You never really know where you’re going to find your spiritual lesson, spiritual information, or your spiritual connection. It will be anywhere. I found this book, A Course in Miracles Experiment, by Pam Grout. I would like to read it to you. Spiritual lessons from Netflix. Are you a Netflix watcher? […]

Laugh for No Reason

    I am traveling with Joeaux right, now. See Joeaux. I would really like to share some of the insights that we’ve had on our road trip journey, mostly that people all over the planet are really wonderful. We love people and we love ourselves. But what we have discovered is that many times […]

Sphere of Influence

Sphere of Influence Are you shining your light and widening your sphere of influence? How often do you make people smile? In this week’s Message of Light, Marilyn and Joeaux discuss how each one of us can spread our influence even more, no matter what our jobs entail.  Joeaux: So we want to talk […]

We’ve Got Your Back

So here we are, taking a little walk at sunset. Marilyn and I just discovered that for every step I take, she takes a half of a step. So she’s a little bit behind me there. You know, it’s good to have a friend who has your back. It would be great if everyone on […]