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Open Your Discernment and Evolve

Open Your Discernment and Evolve

Walk-In Conference Hello, by the time you hear this message, I will have just completed being a speaker at the walk-in conference, The Cosmology of the Soul. It was amazing. There were 22 different speakers with 22 different perspectives on walk-ins, DNA, the galactics, the energy, the shift of Isis, the Egyptians’ shift, human design, and […]

The Walk-In and the Near Death Experience


THE WALK-IN AND THE NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE Listen to the Audio as given in March 2019, or read the enhanced version that Lee Carroll transcribed below. This live Kryon channelling was given in Asheville, NC on March 23, 2019. To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even […]

Defining Walk-ins, Starseeds and Lightworkers

Walk-ins share more than one spirit energy operating through one physical vehicle. One spirit can replace another, though the vehicle will always carry programming form the original spirit.

Confusion-ville, Missouri. 1993

In retrospect, I realize my soul transformation – or “Walk-in” – is something that I chose because I was ready. All of the skills, talents and qualities of the “walk-out” would now be combined with the skills, talents and qualities of the new soul, or the “walk-in.” The two souls, literally, exchanged to combine and make me who I am today.

You Know You’re a Walk-in When…

The transformation didn’t occur because I was suicidal or at a loss for what to do with my life or because I was depressed, living in a darkness or afraid for my future. My transformation or exchange simply happened because I was done with one part of my life and ready to embark on another.

Radio Show Features Marilyn Harper As A Walk-in

Listen to Marilyn Harper’s story about her own transformational experience as a Walk-in in 1993. She is featured on “Exposing The Masters Within” hosted by John Schulte.