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The Walk-In and the NDE


THE WALK-IN AND THE NDE This live Kryon channelling was given in Asheville, NC on March 23, 2019. To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Sometime information is even added or condensed. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a […]

Defining Walk-ins, Starseeds and Lightworkers

Walk-ins share more than one spirit energy operating through one physical vehicle. One spirit can replace another, though the vehicle will always carry programming form the original spirit.

Confusion-ville, Missouri. 1993

In retrospect, I realize my soul transformation – or “Walk-in” – is something that I chose because I was ready. All of the skills, talents and qualities of the “walk-out” would now be combined with the skills, talents and qualities of the new soul, or the “walk-in.” The two souls, literally, exchanged to combine and make me who I am today.

You Know You’re a Walk-in When…

The transformation didn’t occur because I was suicidal or at a loss for what to do with my life or because I was depressed, living in a darkness or afraid for my future. My transformation or exchange simply happened because I was done with one part of my life and ready to embark on another.

Radio Show Features Marilyn Harper As A Walk-in

Listen to Marilyn Harper’s story about her own transformational experience as a Walk-in in 1993. She is featured on “Exposing The Masters Within” hosted by John Schulte.