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Yeshua’s Vision of the World

Join us in our Visionaries in Light Convergence So it is good day to you, huh? Very good to see each of you. Now we’re on to the very next big thing, the Visionaries in Light Convergence. No, this is not a commercial, or it could be. This is about sharing the passion of this […]

Following Eclipse

Solar Eclipse Ended Well, dearest, it is a good day to you. By the time you see this, the solar eclipse of August 21st will have been finished and done. There are those who predicted that the world would come to an end. Those who predicted that all internet would go down for at least […]

Perceptive Opinions

Perception Hi! You know, I witnessed something this morning at my mother’s church. It’s a traditional church. She has a Sunday school class that has, I don’t know, 5 or 6 people in it that are all over 80, I’m sure. If not over 85. Anyway, the lesson was about Amos. Now, I’m not big […]

The Eightfold Path: Right Concentration

Right Concentration

I am practicing right concentration because it is part of the eighth of the Eightfold path according to the Buddhist tradition. Right concentration. What is that? Focus. Right concentration is being able to hold the focus in an uncluttered mind. More importantly, Right concentration is being able to hold that intention without allowing the state of […]

We are the Light

we are the light

In this week’s message, Marilyn/Adironnda “The Vessel” Harper encourages us to look at our own reflection and see the light we manifest, and expand it. Just as Marilyn expands her own light to us through these weekly messages, which are intended to make our lives brighter. Without any further ado, let’s watch Marilyn on the […]