Taking Care of Yourself

Taking Care of Yourself

Call to Marilyn – Part One

Joeaux: Hi, it’s Joeaux. And I am all alone here in the studio because Marilyn had a little fall and she’s in the hospital, but don’t be alarmed. We would love for you to send her prayers. And by the time you get this message, who knows, she may be completely healed, knowing her.

She is in the hospital, and we’re just waiting for words from the doctors for surgery. She broke her arm, and I am actually going to call her on the phone to talk to her because she wanted to give you a little message, but it’s a little difficult for her to do out of the hospital. So hang on one second while I give her a call.

Marilyn: Hello, this is Marilyn.

Joeaux: Hi, Marilyn. It’s Joeaux.

Marilyn: Hello, Joeaux.

Joeaux: How are you doing?

Marilyn: Well, you know, I’ve been better, and I’ve been worse.

Joeaux: I have our listening audience on the phone with you.

Marilyn: Oh. And I’m coming to you from Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego.

Words of Wisdom

Joeaux: Yes, you are. I thought you might have some words of wisdom from this experience that you’ve had that we could share with our subscribers here. They know that you fell and broke your arm, and it’s your humerus bone, and it’s your right side. I know you’re sitting there with your arm up in the air and surrounded by; I think you said a really hot male nurse right now, right?

Marilyn: He’s an assistant nurse.

Joeaux: But he’s still hot.

Marilyn: A strapping young fellow named Dash.

Joeaux: Did you want to share with everybody what’s coming to you as you’re sitting in the hospital with your arm up in the air?

Marilyn: Well, in my business, I have to learn and ask the questions that need to be asked.

Joeaux: Right.

Marilyn: First of all, the right side is the masculine side. It’s the doer side. It’s the worker-bee side.

Joeaux: Right.

Marilyn: The arm is about giving and receiving and reaching for things, extending it out, and then receiving what has been extended back. Then the humerus bone, I think that’s kind of obvious, it’s to show you that God really does have a sense of humor because it’s broken in half. It’s like, okay, so my humerus is broken; what does that mean?

Joeaux: Does that mean you have two humeri?

Asking the Question, Why?

Marilyn: Maybe. But you know, as I’m sitting here, I’m thinking, okay, so why did this happen?

Joeaux: Right.

Marilyn: I know this may shock you, Joeaux. A fracture of a bone is about rebelling against authority.

Joeaux: Oh, yeah. That would not be you.

Marilyn: No, never. I know that we’re trying to do some new things, and we were recording a whole new program, which was a whole new way of how I do business or the way I teach a class. And it was completely different.

Joeaux: Right.

Marilyn: And I know I resisted it a great deal. I know it’s hard to imagine me resisting anything. Anything new.

Joeaux: What’s interesting is that just before this happened, you just said to me at dinner, “Okay. I get how this works, and I can see why it’s effective, but now I need to figure out a way to make it mine. My own.” And after dinner is when you fell.

Marilyn: Exactly. I need to figure out how to embrace it and do this style and merge it with my style.

Joeaux: Right.

Marilyn: So yeah, I just decided that. Then, as I was being thrown down this ramp and across the pavement and then slammed into a giant trash dumpster, I don’t even see how this could have all happened.

I’ve replayed it in my brain, which doesn’t help because my brain thinks it’s happening again. So stop replaying it in my brain and know that it happened, and the trash dumpster and I collided. And then I collided with the pavement.

Universe’s Way of Reminding

Joeaux: And now you’re sitting in a hospital room.

Marilyn: Now I’m sitting in the hospital room looking for the reason for which this happened. Many times, we get so caught up in the reasons and the emotional impact and all that we continue to tell ourselves that story.

So I believe that this is the Universe’s way of helping me remember once again that I do need to take care of myself; we all need to take care of ourselves. And it’s also about doctors.

Joeaux: Oh.

Marilyn: I mean, I teach Holographic Healing.

Joeaux: Right.

Marilyn: The x-ray showed that my bone is much more aligned than it was, but it has not completed that alignment.

Joeaux: Well, you have probably, 500 Holographic Healers working on you right now.

Looking for the Higher Reason

Marilyn: I know. So I should be able to get up and walk out of here. But there’s some reason why. I mean, we have to look at the higher reasons. I communicated with the pulmonologist this morning, all about energetic working on my lungs and my heart. And he was fascinated by it.

Joeaux: Wow.

Marilyn: Absolutely completely drawn in, which is why he slowed down the possibility of surgery.

Joeaux: Really. Wow. That’s fascinating.

Marilyn: I know.

Joeaux: Now, just out of curiosity, is he a younger doctor or an older doctor?

Marilyn: He’s a younger doctor.

Joeaux: Yeah.

Marilyn: I mean, he reminds me of, in that TV show, The Good Doctor, he looks 12, but he’s not, I’m sure. And he’s a nice-looking fellow.

And was very concerned, but when I started to talking to him about the surgery and possibilities and all, even more, then that’s when he said, “Let’s give this some time.” And that worked well.

Then I think, so many times we feel we have to fix everything, which means it may take a lot longer to heal. And sometimes, it’s okay to go ahead and have the surgery.

Joeaux: Right.

Marilyn: Then heal it much faster after the surgery, you know? And I think that’s what I’m going to opt to do. Just because every time I move, my bones are moving out of place again, there, I can feel them moving around.

That’s probably too much information. I don’t want anybody to get sick while reading this. But it is fascinating how everybody asks what I do for my living, why I’m out here from Missouri, and when I tell them, they’re like, “Sign me up.”

Joeaux: That’s awesome.

Marilyn: It is.

Joeaux: That’s really awesome.

Universe is Taking Care of Us

Marilyn: It is. And so we are definitely taken care of by the Universe, and we are definitely put in those positions where we can do the most good. And wouldn’t it be wonderful if, as a part of a doctor or a hospital’s protocol, is they do energy medicine as well?

Joeaux: Yeah. Let’s set our intention on that. In fact, I think there are probably doctors and nurses that are already doing it; they just don’t say anything.

Marilyn: That’s correct.

Joeaux: Yeah.

Marilyn: They do. Some doctors and nurses are doing that; they don’t say anything, but let’s make it mainstream.

Joeaux: Yeah, absolutely.

Marilyn: I think it’s important to realize that they are very surprised that I’ve gone down on the pain treatment because they gave me this high-powered narcotic. As I said, it reminded me of the seventies. But I don’t have to have that much. And I think that’s a part of the work that the Holographic Healers are doing.

Joeaux: Yeah.

Marilyn: I think if I can get those x-rays to the Holographic Healing practitioners, it would make it a lot faster and a lot easier.

Joeaux: Well, let’s work on that next. Yeah, definitely. Well, while you’re in the hospital the next few days, would you mind if I call you again from the studio and we can make another weekly message for people? I know that they’re going to want to know all about what’s happening with Marilyn in the hospital.

Marilyn: Well, sure. You know I’m always ready.

Joeaux: We can do it.

Marilyn: They may not be ready, but I’m always ready.

Call to Marilyn – Part Two

Joeaux: We’ll do a call to Marilyn part two.

Marilyn: There you go. Call to Marilyn part two. But just keep in mind that if you’re having trouble with your bones, that is rebelling against authority and a bone break is about truly accepting that decision.

Joeaux: It just seems like why should you have to break your bones to accept the decision?

Marilyn: I know. I feel the same way. But you know, I am a living example for people.

Joeaux: Well, I probably know you better than anybody else, and I would say that you’re a little bit stubborn.

Marilyn: Me?

Joeaux: Yes.

Marilyn: Not ever. I push against the energy just a little sometimes.

Joeaux: Well, thank you so much, Marilyn, for taking our call, and we’ll be back in touch with you again. Before you leave

Marilyn: Okay.

Joeaux: All right. Bye-bye.

Marilyn: See ya.

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