November 1 - 14, 2017   |   Awakening the Buddha Within

The Sacred Experience of Thailand

  • Have you ever looked into the eyes of an elephant, and felt their breath as they explored your energy? Or, bathed one of these magnificent beings in the river?
  • Have you ever released a burning lantern to the sky, along with thousands of others, and suddenly felt the release of your own healing energy?
  • Have you ever assisted refugee children, who in turn, touch deep within your soul?  



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Join Marilyn, Joeaux, and Adironnda ... to Awaken the Buddha Within You, in Thailand.


DAY 1:    NOV 1









With the skilled artists at the Umbrella Factory you will be able to receive a personal painting on your own clothing for a long-standing memory of Sacred Thailand."

One day I want to see the elephants in Thailand finally have a real home. I want to see them living in freedom – elegantly — in their own kingdom."



Lek Chailert,  Guardian Angel of Thailand's Elephants

Founder of the Elephant Nature Park

One of the most stunning ceremonies in Thailand is called Loy Krathong, a Festival of Light, held on the full moon of November. You'll clear out the old and beginning anew by 

The Thai people are famous for their ever present smiles. 90% are Buddhist, a life style practice that can be seen each moment of everyday life in Thailand. 

S. - Arizona

Thailand is also home to the Asian elephant, Earth keepers who carry the heartbeat and the ancient wisdom of the planet. 

And, as with all our adventures, there will be so many experiences and surprises like:

  • relaxing in the seaside village we call “home” Ban Krut
  • “paying it forward” with humanitarian work at our rural Burmese refugee village schools 
  • Being of Service at our favorite Temple
Arrive in Divine Thailand
Be sure your flight itinerary has you flying directly into Chiang Mai, the north of Thailand and the cultural center of the country. You will be met and greeted and transferred to Empress Chiang Mai Hotel.

Here you will meet your "soul family" and be welcomed into the opening circle. You will set your intention for the adventure and hear the messages from the Buddha as channeled through Marilyn & Adironnda

Explore Wat Suan Dok and the Night Bazaar
This morning you will visit  Wat Suan Dok for “Monk chat.” In this small temple they teach meditation and the Buddhist Dharma. You will meet a wonderful, funny, young monk and learn about the Thai Buddhist life. He will also talk about his work with the Burmese refugees. After, you can explore the temple grounds. Complete with Q & A.

In the evening, you'll visit the Night Bazaar for shoppig, a few blocks from the hotel. It's filled with handcrafts and beautiful art 
Visit a 600 Year Old Temple, a Jade Factory, and Participate in the Festival of Light
Today you will visit the 600 year old temple of Wat Pra That Doi Suthep, the landmark of Chiang Mai located near the summit of Doi Suthep. After a drive up the mountain's winding road, the final climb to the site is via a magnificent dragon-headed serpent staircase of 306 steps. Inside is an intriguing copper-plated chedi topped by a five-tier gold umbrella which contains partial relics of Lord Buddha. (No worries for non-steppers, there is also an elevator.)

Next, you will stop in at the Jade Factory. You will see some of the most beautifully carved Burmese jade. Each piece is a work of art honoring the delicate nature of this gentle land..

That night, you will participate in the breathtaking Loi Kathrong Festival, The Festival of Light, where you will release a lit lantern into the sky. After the festival you can visit the Night Bazaar once again.
Your Itinerary

We are here to honor the simplicity in the land of the Buddha, to breathe into the teaching of stillness and experience the innate abilities of your own magnificence in the simplicity and shadow with the wisdom of the ancients. 

Discover the Peace of Thailand!

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•Experienced & Knowledgable Guides of Thailand who actually live full time in the country. 
•Indigenous Monks and Nuns (Healers) from several communities
•English speaking Thai translators, full of love and light!
•Indigenous cultures
•Adironnda & Company, a spokesbeing for a council of Angels, Guides, Archangels, Master Teachers
•Joeaux and Marilyn are both seasoned Thai travelers - and Spiritual Guides - from the United States


Why Take This Adventure with Marilyn, Joeaux, and Adironnda?

Explore those Spiritual Aspects of yourself left behind at one of the most sacred places on Earth, 24/7 with Adironnda!

You will join Marilyn and Joeaux, Adironnda, and our special Ambassadors, experienced Thailand Trip Advisors and Spiritual Leaders, Juelle and Donovan, who will guide us through the Thai adventure. They will connect us with the saffron robed monk with a beautiful smile, Pra Denduang or as we call him “A-jahn”, and the tiny but mighty elephant rescuer, Lek, who has changed the fate of the Asian elephant. You will experience the channeling of Marilyn (with Adironnda & Company) as they assist in connecting you to the inner stillness of the Buddha, to deepen those core Aspects of yourself, with the sacredness of Thailand.


When you understand your core, everything else becomes easier.

Adironnda  Channeled by Marilyn Harper

With over 40,000 golden gleaming temples and each is more than a place of worship. It's where the villagers gather for special events, where community welfare programs spring forth, and even where children come to learn.

DAY 4:    NOV 4

Enlist an Umbrella Factory Artist and Ride a Tuk-Tuk
This morning we will visit an all-time favorite, the Umbrella factory. Here you will see the making of umbrellas and have a chance for all the local artists to paint a special painting for you on your clothing, t-shirts, bags etc.  You will also be able to shop at the astounding art gallery of Chiang Mai near the Umbrella Factory.

Your afternoon will be free to just relax. Before dinner, we will all get together for a tuk-tuk ride around the city and then have dinner out, on your own.

DAY 3:    NOV 3

DAY 5:    NOV 5

Depart for the Elephant Nature Park
Today, visit and volunteer at Elephant Nature Park for 3 days, with founder Lek Chailert. Though the Asian elephant is revered in Thailand, they also are often abused. Lek has dedicated her life to not only protecting the elephants but also to educating the local people that training can be done through humane and kind practices.

You will have a chance to feed the elephants, get in the river and bathe them, learn about the Asian elephant and why these gentle giants require protection.

Oh, did I mention that we have four babies?! There is nothing like a baby elephant!
Sleep with the Elephants
So to speak... This will be our second day at ENP, now visited by thousands of international travelers every year who opt for seeing a positive conservation project successfully at work, rather than riding these magnificent beings and watching them put on an artificial tourist show.

We have known and loved Lek, the founder, for 16 years and always do everything we can to support her work. She was voted Time Magazine’s Hero of Asia several years ago and also received Hollywood’s Genesis Award for animal activism. She and the eles have been featured in countless international documentaries.

And yes, the Elephants will awaken you with their trumpeting just a few feet from your well-protected cabin.

DAY 7:    NOV 7

Transform at the Butterfly Stop Over
After a few more hours with the elephants you will depart for Chiang Mai, stopping for lunch on the way at the Butterfly and Orchid Farm. Your afternoon and evening will be free to allow for some last minute shopping at the Night Bazaar.

DAY 6:    NOV 6

Escape to a Peaceful Beach of South Thailand 
You will grab an early flight to Bangkok where we will transfer to a luxury coach for a 6 hour drive South to the small village on the Bay of Siam called Ban Krut. Today, you will enjoy the serenity and peace of the Sea.

DAY 8:    NOV 8

"Pay It Forward" with Refugee Students 
Today, give back at Ban-Nong-Maka Primary School. Many of the children are Burmese refugees. This school has a budget of under $1,000 a year to care for all of their children and they seldom sees the English speaking tourist. The Thai teachers must teach all subjects including English, which is usually lacking. This little, precious school will be our site for service. Your heart will open with these children in appreciation for their eagerness to learn.

You will bring school supplies, bags of rice, and interact with the children through games, songs and whatever we can dream up.

DAY 10:    NOV 10

Connect with a Very Special Monk and Temple
Visit with Phra A-jahn Den at Wat Tum Kao Mai Ruak for ceremony and service.
Phra A-jahn is a prominent monk in this area of Thailand. He and his monks will give us a small chanting ceremony blessing. Following that, we can visit the monastery, the bat cave and enjoy the temple grounds. Your afternoon will be free to enjoy the sea and take in a Thai massage.

Special evening performance of Classical Thai Dancing.

DAY 11:    NOV 11

Enter the Beautiful Temple On the Mountain
Today you will go to Wat Thong Sai, the beautiful temple on the mountain.
You can see from the beach a towering golden Buddha overlooking the sea. This temple is esthetically one of the most beautiful temples in Thailand. You can have a walk around the temple and a visit to the giant Buddha.

Afternoon is free to enjoy the beach and local massage.

DAY 12:    NOV 12

Take In a Very Local Thai Beach and Community
Enjoy a totally free day for beach, exploration, meetings, massage, meditation, whatever you wish!

DAY 13:    NOV 13

Integrate Your Experience On the Road Back to Bangkok
Integrate the experiences of the past couple of weeks while you gaze out the window of our luxury coach - and drive back to Bangkok. You'll spend the night at the Riverside Resort where we will bring our journey to the closing circle.

DAY 14:    NOV 14

Exchange "So Longs..."
As difficult as it is, always, to say good-bye, our adventure in Thailand ends here. Though the memories go on forever. We will eat an early dinner, together before saying our final good-byes and transfering to the airport for the international flight home. Feel free to stay a day or 2 to enjoy more of Bangkok.

sending love and blessings to all of life. 

First, you'll travel North to Chiang Mai, the cultural center of Thailand. You'll receive a Krathong, a floating offering of flowers and candles, and with the locals, you'll “let go” as thousands of Krathongs float away down the Mae Ping River. Spectacular beyond words.

The Asian elephant is majestic, social, incredibly intelligent and loyal. Up close to these gentle giants is a gift of a lifetime. You will spend three days at our favorite elephant sanctuary, a conservation project that we have supported and worked with for over 15 years. And, there is nothing like a baby elephant! In feeding, bathing and touching the elephants you will receive a connection to your own inner messages from these wondrous beings. 

  • contributing to the delicate economy of the outstanding Hill Tribe hand craft market
  • appreciating student performance, especially for you, of traditional Thai dancing
  • assist in rescuing the Thai forest by tying a piece of a saffron robe around the trunk of the tree
  • channeling daily and integrating our experiences through the assistance of Adironnda & Company


What sets apart traveling with Marilyn, Joeaux & Adironnda is their accessbility and the community they create.  You will have your own unfolding experience, but you do so in the light of their warm, joyful and loving presence and companionship, the ever revealing wisdom of Adironnda & the Council which flows just as beautifully and lovingly."

RR ,  Illinois,  USA

Your adventure begins as soon as you register, but we will see you in Chiang Mai! Be sure to grab a direct flight into this cultural center. This trip is limited to a small group to ensure a more intimate experience.
  •  paying homage to our temple on the beach with a special monk who makes “Awakening the Buddha” an experience of embodying your full truth
  • playing 24/7 with Marilyn (the vessel), and Joeaux (the joy)
  • evolving within time and space for personal immersion
  • and so much more!



LIVE Teleclass, Q&A + Sharing Our Intgration Experiences
Because this is such a powerful, Spiritual, life-changing experience... many people return home, longing to connect once again with the group. We present this as an opportunity to really integrate your journey in Thailand. Adironnda will be present to assist in a final activation in bringing your experience into a useful 3D context. This call will also be recorded.



  • Chiang Mai
    • Empress Chiang Mai Hotel
    • Wat Suan Dok Temple
    • Summit of Doi Suthep
    • Loi Kathrong Festival
    • Night Bazaar
  • Elephant Nature Park
    • Butterfly and Orchid Farm
  • Ban Krut
    • Arcadia Resort and Spa
    • Ban-Nong-Maka Primary School
    • Wat Tum Kao Mai Ruak Temple
    • Wat Thong Sai Temple
  • Bangkok
    • Anantara Riverside Resort



MARILYN HARPER - A renowned international public speaker, facilitator, and Spiritual teacher. She delivers warm, authentic and off-beat stories of personal transformation in a way that is hilarious, heartfelt and inspriing. Marilyn and Adironnda provide an insightful blend of love and laughter, with a unique blended gift to tap directly into the participants's emotional core and then guide them gently through the experienc of relsease. She is a Reiki Master, Karuna Master, Quantum Touch Practioner and spiritual retreat facilitator. Marilyn's goal is to provide phoneomenal experiences around the world and practical methods to help people laugh, love, eperience deep joy, as well as live their best life ever. 
JOEAUX ROBEY, M.B.A. - Avid hiker! Heart-centered entrepreneur and a passionate Internet marketer currently focused on assisting Awakenend businesses. She has an innate ability to deep dive into a business and to put the processes and brand commmunications in place for rapid growth. She is well versed in content creation, webinar and event production, and online communities. Her unique background makes her a creative and powerful opportunity manifestor. She and Marilyn are business partners and also the CoCreator of Adironnda & Company, and the Visionaries in Light Convergence. Joeaux is also a Reiki Master and Psych-K® Facillitator. 
JUELLE WILKiNS - Our Thailand Ambassador Juelle dreamed that one day they would be able to use their extensive experience as “travel guides” and their love of cultures to bring people from around the world together in peace and understanding. Juelle started her career in Special Education, as a teacher and later a principle for a cutting edge school designed to assist developmentally disabled youth of all abilities. She single handedly started the Special Olympics program in Southern Michigan and saw it become a successful program. She is a seasoned world traveler and she and her husband, Donnovan, live in Thailand
DONOVAN WILKINS - Our Thailand Ambassador 
Donovan and Juelle have been married for over 30 years and during that time they have traveled the world to places few have seen and experienced cultures as few had the opportunity. Donovan is instrumental in the planning and execution of these intensive journeys. As the Director of Operations for their personal business he is absolutely invaluable in ensuring the safety and security of the participants, communicating constantly with tour operators and continually problem solving to make the program a safe, exciting and seamless adventure.


I love watching someone wake up to their purpose and their place."

Juelle Wilkins
Our Thailand Ambassador,


When my husband took me on a trip with Marilyn and Adironnda, I was suicidal. I beleive it was my husband's last attempt at keeping me here. Through the work of Adironnda and Marilyn, I experienced such major shifts during the retreat, now here I am, twelve years later, still choosing to live, having my depression healed and removed."

~ D, New Hampshire,
Adironnda Retreat Participant


I LOVED it, I learned just how Unique I am and that is a good thing!” 

~ P, Florida
 Adironnda Retreat Participant


Adironnda treats me like a spiritual adult.  They don't play and laugh with me so much, as they honor my own deep desire for knowledge and wisdom...and they lead me there, whether I like it or not, at the time.  I feel there is a no nonsense approach with me...they have high expectations of me … Sometimes I get frustrated ...but that leads me inside to my own truth...which is exactly where they want me to go.  They are insisting that I think more of myself and honor my own inner Wisdom, and quit pussy footing around with worrying that my path seems so different from everyone else’s."

~ M, Texas
Adironnda Retreat Participant


After meeting you, I was absolutely energized and uplifted. You (Marilyn) and Adironnda, and of course - Jesus... were amazing and wonderful.” 

~ K, Colorado
Adironnda Retreat Participant


“I like to see the look in peoples’ eyes as they are the explorers of today’s world, gaining an expanded world view and seeing how wonderful the people of other countries can be.”

Donnovan Wilkins
Our Thailand Ambassador


“It's so fascinating when we begin to discover our true essence by simply stepping into a spiritual journey. Somehow, our Soul Family is everyone on that adventure with us - amazing!”

Joeaux Robey
Travel Leader with Adironnda & Company

DAY 2:    NOV 2

DAY 9:    NOV 9

Payment Plans Available