Thanks For Updating Your Preferences

We are so grateful for you!

Hello there! Long time, no see. 🙂

You are a valued member of the Adironnda & Company family, and we’re very thankful that you’ve decided to stay with us.

Before you go…There’s one more step to take!

Please check your email now for a confirmation link. We need you to confirm your email address by simply clicking that link.

Now that you’ve told us your preferences and precisely which kinds of communications you’d like to receive, and for which regions, we’ll only send what you’ve asked for…content relevant to you.

This will hopefully reduce the number of emails you receive!

And if you provided us with your birth date, be on the lookout for a birthday card from Adironnda when the big day arrives! We are so honored to be able to celebrate with you.

Blessings in love, light and laughter…always,

Marilyn, Joeaux, and Adironnda & The Council of Light

43 thoughts on “Thank You for Updating Your Preferences

  1. Nachama Miller says:

    My heart overflowed with gratitude and harmony during tonight’s double digit. Then I listened to the first Holographic Healing IV and felt tingling down my arms to my fingers and I saw red sparks around my brain. I would appreciate your weekly message, thanks!
    Nachama ~ Joy Angel

  2. Marilyn Harper says:

    Hi Colleen, I know it is frustrating with the internet “gods” try to come in and regulate things. We love you and thank you for your patience. We just need to make sure you continue getting our information. Love and blessings, Marilyn

  3. Salome says:

    While knowing how much I’ve evolved over the years, some through your programs and talking to Adironnda, have watched both of you evolve as well, a wonder to behold. Thank you for all that you do with much love.

  4. Nancy Bergeron says:

    Hello Marilyn & Joeaux! I’m looking forward to your return to our beautiful Hot Springs Arkansas! It was truly my pleasure to be one of your boat captains for our Lake Ouachita adventure. You were such a pleasure and JOY to be with. Much love and blessings to you ~ Nancy

  5. Jerry Sweeten says:

    Hi Marilyn, Joeaux, Adironda and the council,
    Your presence in my life has been quiet and subtle (unlike some of the presentations that have been wonderfully exuberant!). Learning to love myself in ways that just ‘happened’ after being with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Blessings full of love and light. Jerry

  6. Elizabeth Bower says:

    I have tried to confirm my subscription choices twice in the last week. I do not get the confirmation link in my inbox. I double checked and my e-mail is correct on the page prior to this one. I have checked my junk folder. The domain is accepted. I’m not sure what is wrong. I did get a weekly video today.

  7. Anneli Engberg says:

    Hello Marilyn and Jocaux,
    I have filled in the updated request form and so far I have not had a confirmation link.
    Hopefully it will arrive soon.
    I am very grateful for your inspiring talks, I just don’t always have time to open them.
    (Often very overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work (or shall I say Plurk ?)
    With Love and Gratitude, Anneli Engberg

  8. Lynda Cornelius says:

    If you all ever need extra behind the scenes help, I’m totally here for you as a volunteer! I can help Diane or Ann anytime!

  9. Barbara says:

    Dear Marilyn, Dear Joeaux and Adironnda and The Council of Light!
    I am happy that I am part of your community.
    Thank you for all of your great support, love and light. I always appreciate you and I am very, very greatful for everything you are sharing.
    I love you so much!
    Barbara – Ele

  10. Caroline Followell says:

    I would love to attend a plurk shop if you came to the UK. I saw you with Kryon in Bath earlier this year which was a magical experience
    Love and light Caroline

  11. Betsy Bower says:

    I got a message asking if I still wanted e-mails because I hadn’t Opened them in a while. I don’t open all of them but I do read some of them. I went to the preferences site an re-upped just to be sure I kept getting them. It indicated I would get a confirmatory e-mail, which never happened. Also, I never got anything from your web site about the VILC, though I got one from Leandra and bj. I signed up for the Convergence at last year’s event. Do I need to do anything more?

  12. Francesca Samardzic says:

    Sorry missed you guys. I paid to get double digit and weekly messages but I wasn’t getting the weekly one.

  13. Cynthia D. Callahan says:

    I sooo wanted to attend your San Jose 2 day Plurk-Shop. But circumstances and lack of funds prevented me from going. I welcome everything you can send to me. I try to listen to Kyron every day and when Adironnda speaks I feel the warmth and love, somehow feel connected. Hoping someday soon I will make it to a Kryon seminar.

  14. David P. Calabro says:

    i have been searching for a screenwriter to take my book to film. its hard to find one because of the genre the info that is in my book. ” The Meaning Of Life In A Nutshell’ by David P. Calabro i don’t want to confuse people but my book has to do with just being spiritual. alot of people don’t know what that is. it doesn’t mean that you have to go to church all the time and if you don’t the devil is goin to get you .that would be so wrong .but that was what we are taught growing up. it’s about just being one with God and heaven. i also been busy doing flea markets, watching my 2 yr. old grandaughter isabelle, selling art work in auctions and just enjoying life and saying life is good everyday. i wish that more people would learn the spiritual ways of native american tribes like long ago and not modern religeons and churches the heithins.

  15. Colleen says:

    Don’t understand why I’m on the “non-use” list. I open every email you send me. And have signed up for double digit and seminars this year. I always look forward to hearing from you through your emails.

  16. Maria Cannon says:


    i thank the Highest Intelligence for giving me the opportunity to experience PLURKSHOP
    Thank you for the laughter and friendship and be part of family.

  17. John Power says:

    Beloved Lightworkers
    Know that I have a file folder with most of your communication s
    It is my way of constantly supporting you and all that you do.
    I will be sure to open them. before putting them in the file.
    I am thankful . & grateful for ALL that you do



  18. Billie Holloway says:

    Dear Marilyn and Joeaux. I open all your emails. The last one provided where all Adirondas’s channeling are located.
    There must be a glitch somewhere. I have followed the steps provided. You’re my go to in my worst times.
    Love you


  19. Marc Soto says:

    Greetings dear friends
    I’ve been missing y’all.
    Can’t wait till we connect again.
    I admire the plurking, keep enjoying what y’all do best.
    Sending Divine / Cosmic Blessings

  20. Angela de Lara says:

    Hi Marilyn and Joeaux, Thank you for everything. I appreciate both of you so much. You are really making a difference in our chaotic world. Blessings to you, Angela

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