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So this month we’ve had some serious talks about awareness and I truly hope that you caught yourself being aware of some of the things that you were creating in your life. And then we talked about addiction. Well, this is February. So this is like the month of the heart, this is like the love month, this is like that energy of healing your heart, of acknowledging your heart and, you know, acknowledging those that you love.

Write Thank You Notes

This month, you know, you don’t have to do it on Valentine’s Day or anything like that because you’re probably listening to this after that fact. However, what I’d like you to do is focus on those people in your world that you love. You may or may not know them very well or they may have made a huge difference in your life.

You know, I remember my 7th-grade speech teacher, Ms. McGowan. She made a huge difference in my life. She really shifted my thinking in the way I presented myself and that’s, you know, kinda paying off now. Who in your life made a huge difference? It may be somebody recently or it may be somebody from your past, and write them a thank you note.

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Even if they’re not alive anymore, write them a thank you note and, you know, stick it in the mail to go somewhere. You know, if they can’t get it, it’ll go to the dead letter file and it’ll just be out there in that universe floating about. But express your gratitude for someone else helping you shift your consciousness, helping you awaken to the awareness.

You see, that gratitude goes a long way in shifting old addictions and old habits. Awareness is really shifting that as well. Awareness is helping you be aware of those people, those individuals, those situations that really did care, that really did make a difference in your life.

Be grateful for all of the experiences that you’ve had in your life

You know, maybe it’s somebody that due to a negative situation that caused you to turn things around. Send a thank you note to them. Whether you mail it or not, I don’t know, that’s not the important thing. The important thing is to be grateful for all of the experiences that you’ve had in your life, every single one.

Because they all created you. They’re all a part of your makeup and I know, in the Course of Miracles, it says that you’re just making it all up anyway, that this is not meaning anything and everything is meaningless even though we’re determined to see it.

But you see, if you’re going to make something up, you might as well make something up fun. And those things and those people that you made up along the way, you could shift their world back simply by saying thank you. So think about that. Who in your world would you like to thank?

I think I’m gonna thank Susie. Susie helped me, I haven’t seen her in probably 15 years. But she helped me turn a corner in my life when I thought, “What am I doing here? What is going on?” You know, I was just starting to channel, I was just starting to do private sessions and it was totally against my religious programming, and she helped me see all of that in a different way when we were just having a cup of tea one time together and I never thanked her for that, I think I’m going to.

Who would you like to thank? Get out a pen and paper and write it down. See you next week.

Namaste y’all,


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2 thoughts on “Thank You Notes

  1. Mary Serdar says:

    Dear Marilyn:
    As part of a meditative practice a friend and I have started exchanging daily gratitude messages. We write each day about what we are grateful for. This “thank you” assignment extends it out to express gratitude directly to all who have carried us, enlightened us, challenged us, saddened us and made us grow. Grateful for your messages!

  2. Kimberley says:

    Well I CERTAINLY wish to thank Marilyn Harper for having the hootspa to channel Adironnda and also to Adironnda for choosing such a spunky lady to come thru. Blessings to you both.

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