Thank Your Body

thank your body

Thank Your Body

This week’s weekly message is about your body. Don’t you LOVE your body? Have you thanked your body?

It serves such a great purpose. It holds your bones in place. It holds your organs all together. It holds your muscles and your nerves. And, it would be really hard to keep all that together, just attached onto your skeleton, without your body providing that covering. So, thank your body!

What is Pain Giving You?

AND, this is also a reminder that you are not your body!

When you are experiencing pain, discomfort, dis-ease or chronic illness – there’s something behind it. Sometimes that becomes a part of your identity, and you’re actually getting something from that.

Connect With Your Body

So ask yourself, what are you getting from your disease? What are you getting from your chronic pain? How is it serving you? What is there to learn from that?

What is that information to connect with that you can integrate, release, expand, or grow from, so that you may not need that pain or discomfort any longer?

Give Thanks Regularly

Remember you are NOT your body. You are YOU! Separate, yet held together by your body. So start honoring your body and giving thanks for everything that it does for you. You do that, right Joeaux?

Joeaux said (in the background), “Yeah, I love my body.”

So try that. And, have a great day, y’all!

In what ways can you honor and thank your body? What can you learn from your body? We’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment in the box below.