2/2/2015 Double Digit: The 22 in Numerology Means…

We’ve got a very interesting Double Digit coming up next Sunday, let me tell you!

You’ll notice that it’s happening on 2/22 instead of the usual 2/2. What’s up with that, right? Adironnda guided us to do it this way, and naturally the change has plenty of numerological significance.

For starters, 22 is a very powerful Master Builder number. It also happens to be significant to me, personally, as my name and my destiny add up to 22.

Universally, the 2 energy is about partnership, and a 2/22 is to remind you that everything is going to be alright… that your dream is becoming a reality. Your energy and focus are exactly what the Master Builder — the 22 — is creating in partnership with you. So trust that!

Another bit of guidance we got was to express this Double Digit’s date with the full year (2015, not just 15) — and look what happens when we do:

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Sunday, Feb 22, 2015

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Four 2s in a row! Now, with 4 being about structure, the 2/22/2015 is really about planting the seeds of your ideas, then tending to them so they can grow. Remember, too, that 2015 adds up to 8, which — just like the standing-up infinity symbol it resembles — signifies abundance, abundance, abundance!

So, take a deep breath, Dearest One!

This Sunday’s Double Digit Activation is going to take your newly planted dreams and shoot them the juice, with the aim of growing them into a reality this year.


As always, we’ll take as many questions as we have time for.

Thank you, Christi, for receiving the call to be on this path with me.

With love and gratitude,

MARILYN HARPER | (417) 860-5432
A.K.A “the vessel”

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  1. toshi says:

    Great article about the number 22 in numerology. Numerology is important in knowing your life path. It gives meaning to the numerical value of your name and birth date.

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