The All-Encompassing Hand

Inspiration Comes in Many Forms

You never know what will inspire you. I was sitting here, and I had just recorded a weekly message. I love giving my perspective or sharing a view that has come to me, as it may benefit people. I was sitting here, and all of a sudden, I realized that there was an Oracle card deck.

I have no idea why it’s here. I haven’t seen it here before; it is a Rumi Oracle, An Invitation to the Heart of the Divine by Alana Fairchild. So I drew a card, and the card that I drew is the All-Encompassing Hand.

Irresistible Reflection

The All-Encompassing Hand, this was what she says, “You are the essence of my existence. Who am I? A mirror in your hand. Whatever you do, I will do. I am your irresistible reflection. With every breath, I feel my heart is beating with yours. In your joy, I am exuberant. In your sadness, I am in sorrow. If you are bitter, I become bitter. If you are grace, I become grace. My joy is when I am bewildered in your beauty and taste the sweetness of love on your lips. If I pick a rose without you, it becomes a thorn in my hand. If I am the thorn, I become the rose in your hand.”

In Need of Reassurance

Then it has several pages of explanation. My habit is to read the first and last paragraph. The first paragraph says, “Perhaps you are in need of reassurance, dearest one. Perhaps you have been feeling somewhat alone on your path or struggling with a matter deep within your precious, beautiful heart and speaking of it to one. Such loneliness that can foster in the heart, with no other to bear witness to your life experience. You may question your life, your sanity, your truths, and create doubt where no doubt need be. This must stop now. You are worthy of much more, and this suffering, it is not essential for your growth now. It is time to let it be and to open up to the touch of grace.”

One Divine Hand

Interesting, huh? Then, in the last paragraph, it’s a prayer. Place one hand resting upon the other palms joined together either in the prayer position or flat on your heart and say this aloud. “Through the loving grace of Rumi, brother of my soul who loves me without condition. These hands are now blessed as the hands of the lover and the beloved. As the one divine hand, all-encompassing I am blessed, protected, nurtured, and received. I am touched by the divine with compassionate mercy and loving tenderness. I call him the hand of grace to touch, heal, bless, and protect all aspects of myself and my life journey through divine grace. So be it.”

Nice. Maybe we should turn to some of the ancients for our wisdom. Namaste, y’all. Namaste.

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