The Galactics, A Wild Ride

the galactics a wild ride

Bringing the Truth to Light

Hi. You know I have always avoided the subject of galactic intervention and galactic energy and all that wild, to me, woo woo stuff. And yet it just keeps coming around. So I know I have to take a deep breath. It’s like, how can you even prove any of this? I mean, I look online for the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, for the Draconians, the Urethians, the Clarions, for the Vegans, the Andromedans, and all of those galactic races. I have to ask myself, “Why? Why am I avoiding it? Or, why am I moving into it?” What I’ve discovered is I’m avoiding it out of concern for the truth. And I’m leaning into it to bring the truth to light from my perspective.

Stronger Galactic Energy

The galactic energy is coming in stronger and stronger. They’ve even showed up on a few of the channelings that we’ve posted on Facebook recently, and a few more we have on our website. When they first came in, they introduced themselves as “The Galactics”. They were a very strong energy. I had a little bit of a hard time bringing them in because they were such a strong energy, but what I found is that they were asking for our help. And each time they come in, they bring another component of information.

Evolving Beyond Emotion

There’s 12 root races of Galactics that are connected to this Galaxy, as well as all other Galaxies (or Universes, if you would prefer). And I’m not going to go through all 12 root races and describe each one, because each Galaxy has a different name that they’re utilizing in whatever that energy is in that other galaxy. What I do know is that they’ve asked for our help. Many of the extraterrestrial races have evolved beyond what we have as human emotion of love, and they’re realizing that they need that component. They’ve evolved beyond it. That is what is making these galactic races possibly become extinct. And so they’ve asked us, the humans who have all these emotions, to help.

Galactic Technology

And in trade for that, they’ve offered us technology, to help us respect the technology and to be able to utilize it in ways that are for the highest good of humanity, human and galactic. And are able to teach us those technological snafus that gave us feedback and that were not quite as effective as they could have been. They keep coming around. And each time they do, they bring in more information. So basically, what would you like to know from the Galactics? What is it that you’re looking for and how does that affect your life?

You’re Not From Here

One of the most asked questions in any group channeling that I’ve ever done is, “Where am I from? I don’t feel like I’m from Earth.” And you’ve heard Adironnda say, “You’re not from this Planet.” The majority of all beings that are living on this Planet right now, their roots are from another Planet or another Galaxy. So if that’s the case, why doesn’t that show up in your Akashic records when you go into them? Well, in the olden days, people believed that your Akashic records could only go into your past on this Planet. Well, I never read that book, so that’s ridiculous. They can go easier into your past because the future is not quite yet written in stone yet.

Your Galactic Akash

The past has been done. Even though the past in other Galaxies and other Dimensions may actually be the future, which just boggles your mind altogether. But what would happen if you could connect through the Akashic records, your every thought, idea, experience, situation that you’ve ever had from the inception of your soul, past and future, in other dimensions, what would happen if you could connect to your Akash, your galactic Akash specifically, and see what that information brings to you? And see what that connection brings to you, and see those skills that you had in the future, in another Dimensional Realm, in another Universe, that you’re bringing back here in this time in 2020? How could that affect things?

Where Am I From?

That’s what we’re learning from the Akash. That’s what we’re learning from the Galactics. When Adironnda, the Spokesbeing for the Council that I channel (I’m sure you know that already), tells one person, “Well, you are Venutian. Your roots are from Venus. You are a Venusian.” Then everybody’s hand goes up and says, “Where am I from? Where am I from? Where am I from?” And Adironnda’s stock answer is, “What difference does it make? You’re here right now.” And that has always been the case for 21 years. And now they’re telling us that there is a difference that it’s going to make.

And I’m like, “What? You’ve been telling us for 21 years that it’s not important what you were before. What’s important is right here and right now on this planet. And now you’re saying that our Galactic records from the past or the future, or in any other Dimensional Realm that brings our life to right here right now in 2020, that that is going to be an important component?” Okay. Whatever you say.

The Galactics, A Wild Ride

So that’s where we’re going right now. It sounds so completely woo woo that I don’t want you to get caught up in the fantasy of what actually was. So I’m asking and I’m teaching ideas and ways to be able to verify that information that brings you your strongest quality, your strongest asset from possibly the future, or another Dimensional Realm of life that you have experienced on some other Galaxy or in some other Planetary alignment. And bring it right here into 2020 and use it, or right here into this Dimension, because when you see this recording, it may or not be 2020 anymore. I don’t know because time is not linear right now. And that’s one of the things that the Galactics can teach us. That’s one of the things that they understand, that we here on Earth don’t get yet. So we are in for a wild ride, I have to say.

What’s In Other Dimensions?

Adironnda is from the 17th Dimension. Science hasn’t even proven that there are 17 Dimensions yet, but they will, and they have, because when we started channeling, they hadn’t even proved that there was more than three dimensions. Now they’ve proven there’s, I don’t know, 14 maybe, and it’s increasing all the time. So what is that other Dimension? According to Adironnda, they say there’s 144 dimensions, possibly 152. So where are they? And do we have lives that are going on in those other Dimensional Realms that are actually affecting
us here? And how do we access them? That’s what we’re asking and that’s what we’re being shown. Yes, it is a wild ride.

Humanity’s Turning Point

Adironnda always said that 2020 and 2021 would be a turning point for humanity, where humanity would be brought into a place of integrity. To come into a place of integrity, sometimes you have to go into the chaos and be brought to your knees, and then rebuild your way out. That may be what we’re in right now. Let’s see how we can rebuild our way out, rebuild our way in, rebuild our world with the strongest degree of integrity, peace, love, light, laughter, joy, compassion, gratitude, wisdom, and clarity. I believe that’s what the Galactics are helping us with, and we are helping them with. How does that sound?

Explore Your Galactic Akash

It is going to be a wild ride. We’ve got a Galactic Akash class coming up on August 15th. Woo hoo! And who knows where we’ll go after that? Anyway, thank you for listening. Thank you for being a part of our journey. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey. Namaste, y’all. Namaste.

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