The Holy Land Experience

Marilyn in Jerusalem

Upon returning from the Holy Land, I realized I had just experienced something that would change my life forever. This Holy Land experience, without a doubt, was the most amazing time, from beginning to end. I have story after story after story after story—of the people, the land, the history, the energy—and, of course, I had lots of phenomenal experiences. I hope, over time, to share these stories with you one by one.

Holy Land - the Garden of Gethsemane
Let’s begin in the Garden, shall we?

But wait. Let me back up, because this is important. Days before I even left for Israel—on Easter Sunday, as a matter of fact—I had the uncanny experience of ‘walking’ with Master Yeshua and hearing him speak to me. (You can read the story here:

Your trip to my homeland is no accident,” he said.

Upon hearing those words—OH, MY GOD! (literally!)—it suddenly dawn on me that this whole trip to Israel had been Divinely orchestrated. Adironnda and the Council had placed me at the right places at the right times to meet the right people, beginning at least as far back as December of last year, when I met a group of Israelis while walking in for dinner on my first day in Cancún, only to discover soon after that they and I had been assigned to the same block of rooms (in a 6,000-room resort, no less!); and again later, when it became clear that a Holy Land trip was indeed taking shape, and I had set the conditions, saying, “If I am to go to Israel, then it all has to be paid for up front, with all of my expenses covered.”

And—voila!—so it was, and so they were!

It should have come as no surprise then, while ‘on the ground’ in the Holy Land, that the Divine synchronistic orchestration would continue. But you know me: I was amazed by it at every turn.

And so I was “directed” by my guidance, and Adironnda, to go to the Garden of Gethsemane… to sit on a rock and receive. I thought I was to receive an aspect of myself that I had left there thousands of years ago.

The wonderful people with whom I was traveling were Jewish and did not share my regard for the “Garden” as a profoundly sacred site. Having been raised Christian, I knew the story very well, of Jesus kneeling to pray at a great rock in the Garden of Gethsemane, beseeching his heavenly Father, “let this cup pass me by,” and then resolving to follow his mission as set forth by God.

Holy Land - Jesus prays at a rock
The popular image of Jesus, a.k.a. Yeshua,
in the Garden of Gethsemane

Wow! I thought, I am going to sit on the spot, maybe even THE rock that Jesus prayed upon. How cool is that?

Well, time changes things, even sacred gardens.

There weren’t many people at the Garden when we arrived, and its appearance, I must say, did not fit the image that I held of it in my head. The entire garden was pristinely landscaped and completely surrounded by a wrought-iron fence. So much for sitting amongst the olive trees, on the rock where Jesus prayed!

I was ‘nudged’ to walk around the fenced garden, simply to follow the sidewalk. I didn’t know where I was going or why, but my friends followed along, perhaps in wonder of what I might do. I don’t think they completely understood why I was to sit on a rock in the Garden, but they honored me in my quest.

About three-fourths of the way around, we came to a ledge, like a bench where my friends could rest, and—lo and behold!—a rock upon which I could sit.

“Here you are,” I clearly ‘heard’, and yet I felt certain this was not the rock, not Jesus’s rock. The energy was not old. I could feel many people’s presence, however, and somehow knew that Jesus (whom I now call by his original Jewish name, Yeshua) had been very close by. I could feel the ancient energy of both his wisdom and his anxiety borne of that which he knew was to come.

As soon as I sat and took a deep breath, Yeshua came through, loud and clear.

Let me say that, in all my years of channeling, even though Yeshua/Jesus is on the Council and always has been, he had only come through directly a few times, for very few individuals, and had only presented the Double Digit once, a spontaneous appearance on 2/22/2010. So for me to sit—in the Garden of Gethsemane, no less—and have this channeling suddenly present itself was a wonder to me. Our little company of Jews appeared quite interested, too.

The message was profound! I wish I’d had a recorder. When, a week or so later, Master Yeshua came through to present the Double Digit message on 5-5-2014—and we did record it—I heard again some of what he said in the garden.

(You can read the the transcript of the 5-5-2014 Double Digit session. Note, too, that Master Yeshua has indicated that he will come through again at the 6-6-2014 Double Digit.)

Holy Land - ancient olives in the Garden of Gethsemane
An edifying little aside:
Botanists have determined that some of the olive trees in the Garden of Gethsemane are as much as 2,000 years old. Imagine! That means they would have been saplings at the time Yeshua prayed amongst them.

What I recall of the channeling…

Using the olive tree as a metaphor, Yeshua spoke of the wisdom of the people. The ancient trees, whose fruit is not sweet and whose bark is twisted and thick, possess a beauty and a fruit that are uniquely their own. In this way, they teach the young to stand tall and perform their tasks with honor. The olive trees share their fruit (their wisdom) freely, and only in the receiving of that fruit by others is their mission completed.

Master Yeshua spoke of people’s differences and compared the differences to the birds and their song. Although the songs vary, he said, one is not more beautiful than the next. As if to punctuate the point, the birds at that moment flocked prodigiously overhead and sang with all their might. Yeshua smiled and looked upon the birds with such love that our friends nodded in respect.

Then I, Marilyn, gently sang the 24th Tone from the Lemurian Choir. On the second round, our friends from Israel joined in. Adding to the magic, somewhere behind a wall an unseen Ethiopian choir chanted beautiful tones in complete harmony with what we were singing. It was a moment I shall never forget.

A holy land experience

While Yeshua was speaking, there came perhaps a hundred people, tourists from around the world, walking by. They would stop and listen for a few moments, be activated, and walk on.

After Yeshua, the birds, and the choir ended, we sat or a few moments in reverent silence.

A couple came by to take pictures of each other on a rock that was right next to me. I offered that one of us could take their picture together (after all, I had lived in Branson, MO, a tourist area of ‘Kodak Moments’). After taking their picture, Nimrod, a professional photographer traveling with us, noticed behind where the couple had stood, a memorial marker of Jesus praying on a rock.

Holy Land - Jesus prayed hereI chuckled. Could this be the Rock where Jesus had prayed, asking God the Father about his mission? I touched it and instantly knew it was older than the one where I’d sat. A surge of energy entered me, and I was filled with emotion. I also heard one word:


I did and was complete with our journey in Jerusalem.


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  2. karen taff says:

    What a beautiful story. What was freely received was freely given. Thank you Marilyn for your generosity. Great love.

  3. ann says:

    that brought tears to my eyes. longing to my heart and i am so glad you were able to be there in that moment and in that place. thank you God

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