The Illuminated Ones

The Illuminated Ones

This week, Adironnda, the Divine Link with Marilyn Harper, answers questions about the path of the “Illuminated Ones” from their perspective and Master Yeshua joins in.

Enjoy Adironnda’s video below on becoming those Illuminated Ones across the planet.

You’ve probably asked these questions yourself

So it is a good day to you.

Here we are finally.

As you know, Dearest Ones, we are embarking on a new pathway. We are embarking on a new energy.

We are shifting the consciousness of this planet to accommodate your particular vision.

We want you to write down:

  • if you can indeed do anything;
  • if you can indeed be anything;
  • if you can indeed have that vibration to shift the consciousness of this planet.

How would you do that?

  • How would you experience that?
  • What would it look like?
  • What would it feel like?
  • What would it be like?
  • What would be your part in it?

You see, Dearest Ones, that is what we are asking you to do. That is what we are asking you to feel and breathe into. What is your part of raising the consciousness of this planet?

Now, there are some of you that are out there thinking right now, because we are here with you, even though this is virtual reality, and this was recorded before you’re actually listening to it.

Time is just energy, yes?

There is no thin linear about it, but what we are seeing, Dearest Ones, is that you are stopping yourself, if you are not a part of the positive plan of consciousness on this planet. And some of you are saying, “But what can I do? I am living in South Dakota, and there is not a single enlightened person that is living in South Dakota.” Well, we know that is not true. (Master Yeshua) “I’m living in the desert in Israel. Who do I talk to?” In Israel, you talk to the land, and it will speak back to you.

You are the change makers

You see, Dearest, you are the change makers. You are the vision of humanity. That is why we have the Visionaries in Light Convergence every year, because we wish for you to take action. We wish for you to experience that bliss of living and loving and enjoying that living and loving life that you are experiencing. Not that we want to be redundant, but, you see, breathe into your vision of your own humanity.

When you are complaining, you are the problem.

When you’re seeing the possibilities, you are a part of the solution. So what are those possibilities that the one thing that you could do to shift the consciousness of this planet?

[ctt title=”‘When you’re seeing the possibilities, you are a part of the solution’ – Adironnda” tweet=”‘When you’re seeing the possibilities, you are a part of the solution’ – Adironnda ~ @Adironnda” coverup=”1Ycf0″]

Maybe it is to have fun to drive at the local grade school or elementary school, to donate things to a place in need. You remember that movie, Pay It Forward. That is what we are asking you to think of:

  • What is it that you could do to shift the consciousness on this planet?
  • And then breathe into your own action plan.

Our sweet vessel, Marilyn, talked to two people just today, and they both said, “You are doing it. You are living your life. You are inspiring thousands.” Do you know why? Because she chose that. Is it easy? Sometimes, sometimes not. We see the lights are playing around here.

You see, we have you each with us. We never leave your side. So as you are having a concept of your plan, know that we are holding you in that light. We are holding you in that energy of completion, of love, of experience, of truth, your truth, which may not be our truth or anyone else’s truth, but we’re still holding you there for your opportunity to have it.

Dearest Ones, you are the change.

You are the illuminated ones.

We want to hear your plan. And then at our Visionaries and Light Convergence, we will help you put it into action.

We love you so much. We honor you.

We experience the light within you, as you experience the light within us.

Namaste y’all,


What’s your plan? Feel free to begin sharing it in the comments below. It’s a start, right?


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One thought on “The Illuminated Ones

  1. Karla says:

    I will trust and follow the compass of my heart, even when it leads me straight into the face of my fear, I will not give up, nor will I loose hope. I will surrender what I know to be true for something bigger, something better, and trust that the space in between what I know and what God knows will be filled with true peace, great joy, and the Spirit of Adventure! Namaste!!!

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