The Joy Gene

This is the third way of “How to Navigate Through the Craziness of 2017”. You know, these were the suggestions Adironnda had on our 1/1/2017 Double Digit Webcast.

In this week’s spiritual message, Marilyn talks about “The Joy Gene”.

Check out Marilyn on the video below and get a dose of her joyful-ness.

Engaging The Joy Gene

This was the third way that Adironnda suggested on the 1/1 Double Digit, to navigate your way through 2017.

Can you believe that it’s 2017? I mean, it sort of takes my breath away to think that we made it this long. One of the differences, that they say will help you, is to

  • breathe into,
  • find your joy,
  • activate your joy,
  • and experience your joy

This is different than happiness. And, it is true joy.

[tweetshare tweet=”Treat every single day as your birthday, because every single day you are born again” username=”Adironnda”]

Every day is your birthday.

You know, treat every single day as your birthday. Because, every single day you are born again. You are awakened again. It is a day of celebration!

So what would it be like if every day, you thought…

“Today is my birthday. I am going to celebrate me today.”

Try it.

It could be fun!

And it will activate your joy gene.

Namaste y’all,


P.S. Did you know that Adironnda sends out birthday cards? It’s true. And, they are designed to engage your Joy Gene. In fact, the photo to this blog? It’s this year’s birthday card… you’ll have to sign up to find out what it says inside : )
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So, what do you think? Is every day your birthday? Let us know in the comments below.

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