The Meaning of Christmas

The Meaning of Christmas

Memorable Moments

Joeaux: Jingle bells. Jingle bells.

Marilyn: Jingle bells. Jingle all the way.

Joeaux: Okay. So …

Marilyn: So, the meaning of Christmas. You know, we kind of wanted to talk about that. And then I kind of went into, “Well, do they do the same thing for Kwanzaa, and Happy Hanukkah, and the winter solstice?”

Joeaux: And then I said, “You know, when you try to cover everything, you kind of lose the meaning. Let’s just talk about the holidays.” Because almost everybody celebrates some kind of holiday at the end of the year.

Marilyn: At the end of the year.

Joeaux: Yeah.

Marilyn: My most memorable Christmas was really something that I just heard stories being told about me. Because when I was little, before I could talk very well, I wanted a doll with back bades. And that’s all I wanted, and that’s all I could say. “I want a doll with back bades.”

My poor dad and mom went all over Parsons, Kansas, looking for a doll titled back bades doll. And they could not find one, and could not find one. And finally, when we were watching on television, which will tell you a little bit about how old I am, the Lone Ranger, I said, “Look, back bades.” Tonto had black braids.

Joeaux: And so she became a speech teacher.

Marilyn: So, they did get me a doll with black long hair that they braided. What about you?

An “Electric” Christmas

Joeaux: Well, I was a little older, and I could pronounce very well exactly what I wanted. I wanted an electric guitar. I was in fourth grade, and I’d been taking guitar lessons, and I had a little faux guitar. But you couldn’t play Stairway to Heaven very well on a faux guitar. You needed an electric guitar. And I asked for one, and my parents said. No. It was way too noisy.

Then Christmas Eve, when all the cousins were together, and we were all sitting around the Christmas tree, I heard an electric guitar coming from my parent’s bedroom. I had an uncle who was a professional musician, and he had got this guitar for me for my parents to give me, and he was so excited about it.

He had plugged it in their bedroom with my dad, and he was playing it. And all of a sudden, I went, “I have an electric guitar!” And my mom said, “Do not go back in that bedroom!” I knew that that electric guitar was for me, and I just laid awake all night wondering what it looked like; I was so excited. And it had a whammy bar. I won’t tell you how old I am, but for many years I’ve been calling it a Wawa bar.

Marilyn: Well, that’s the sound that it makes. Wa wa wa.

Joeaux: Wa, wa, wa. Yeah. I do that because that’s where the bar was on the guitar.

Marilyn: Basically, the point of this is no matter what you celebrate at the end of the year, give a gift away. Right?

Create Memories To Cherish

Joeaux: Yeah. Or embrace a memory that you had. It felt so good to hear your story.

Marilyn: Back bades. And I have a lot of really wonderful holiday memories at this time of year. And a lot of people do. A lot of people don’t. It doesn’t matter. Create some holiday memories. I mean, what kind of holiday memory can we create?

Joeaux: Wow. So many. We could put up a tree. I mean, we live close to each other now.

Marilyn: Yeah.

Joeaux: Well, we already invite friends over, and we get Karl to cook because he’s the world’s greatest cook. And it’s fun.

Marilyn: And it’s like giving a gift to someone … You’re actually giving it to yourself as well.

Joeaux: Yeah.

Marilyn: I love that part because it’s about sharing. It doesn’t matter how much it costs or anything else. That’s not important. It’s just the act of sharing something that you love with someone else.

Joeaux: Yeah.

Marilyn: And that’s the memories that you create at holiday time. No matter what you call it, no matter what you celebrate, and if you don’t celebrate anything, celebrate yourself, and create a memory with yourself and some friends or something.

Joeaux: And we would love to hear about them. Share one of your stories on our Adironnda Family of Love Facebook Group. We’d love to hear one of your stories.

Marilyn: Yeah. Share one of your Christmas memories and … Not or and. We’re doing this as we’re going along. Share what you plan to do to create a new Christmas memory. Okay?

Joeaux: Yeah.

Marilyn: All right. You got it! Namaste, y’all.

Joeaux: Happy holidays!

Marilyn: Happy holiday!


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