The Mope and Cope Habit

The Moping and Coping Habit

Moping Phase

Well, hello there. So nice to see you again; welcome back to your weekly message. You know I was thinking the other day, does it bother you that I invite you into my brain? I mean, it can be kind of a scary place, but during these weekly messages, I want to share some thoughts with you, and hopefully, some of them will trigger your thoughts or flip on a light switch to say, “Huh. I never thought about that.” And then you think about that and find some or glean some inspiration for your week with it.

I was thinking the other day about how sometimes I get into situations I like to call the mope and cope stage. Some of you do, too, because I hear it from people. You’re moping around, and you’re just really coping with life, and that’s really all you’re doing. Mope and cope. Do you know what I mean by mope and cope? Saying that ten times fast, that’s tricky.

The mope and cope phase or habit of your life is easy to get into that pattern of moping around thinking, “Oh, this isn’t working,” or, “Oh, why did I get hurt?”, “Oh, where is my sweetheart?” or “Oh, I have to go to the grocery store,” blah, blah, blah. What is your mope? What are you moping about?

Coping Phase

And then you cope. “Okay. So I have to go to the grocery store. So I guess I have to do that. And I make my list, or maybe I’ll just go to the grocery store and wander around until something looks like I ought to buy it, or maybe I’ll just go see any movie; I don’t care what. That’s just coping.

Coping with what life seems to hand you sometimes. Well, life seems to hand you what you expect life to hand you. And I know, I know, do I need to say that again? I know sometimes it feels challenging to get on the other side of moping and coping because, in the past, you’ve had evidence, conscious physical evidence that there’s a lot to mop around about, or there’s a lot that you have to cope with.

Feeling into the Energy

To get on the other side of that is really about feeling into the energy of what you are aligning with, feeling into the energy of the Buddha, of the Christed one of Allah, or some of the great master teachers of this planet. How did they get there? When you think of what is happening in your world as opposed to what you’re moping around about, things seem to change. Things seem to kind of shift around in our energy.

And as we do that, we align with the world that we choose to align with. So now, what does that mean to align with your world? It means that every morning when you get up, you set yourself on your divine path so that every encounter, every information, every connection you have is divinely destined. Now, it is that way anyway, but it just seems a little more conscious when you think about it.

Life is an Adventure

That is the simplicity and the answer to moping and coping. Instead, when you go to the store, even though at the moment it might seem like a duty, look at it as an adventure. Can you go to the store and listen to the vegetables and see what they have to say? See how excited they are that they get to be a part of you. It’s true. They do, and you can hear their thoughts. Try it. We ought to have the Channeler’s Academy do that. That’s a really good exercise. Or go to the grocery store and see how many people will smile back at you when you smile at them. Huh? When you look at life as a bit of an adventure, you bring your joy to align with the world to bring joy back to you.

I know, I know. Sometimes that joy may look like a tumble down the stairs or intubation in a hospital, or a loss of a friend that chooses to help from the other side. But when that energy comes through and you are aligning with it to see the good that it encounters, the energy of love that it is, life starts changing, and you step beyond or step out of the moping and coping stage of life.

Start Aligning

Well, I choose to step out of the moping and coping stage of life. I choose to embrace the adventure of life and find the good, see the good, feel the good, experience the good, the joy, the happiness in everything. It is a choice, you know. So stop moping and coping. See, it’s tricky to say. So get out of it and start aligning. That’s easier to say. I align myself with the universe, and the universe aligns itself with me. Woohoo. Let’s do this. Okie-doke? Namaste y’all. Namaste.

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