The Power of Intention

Power of Intention

Hi, Marilyn Harper here. I’ve been thinking a lot about intention, as I am working on the Holographic Healing 5, the certification level of Holographic Healing, which we’ve been working on for four years. I’ve been working on it personally for 20 years, it is based upon the power of intention.

Conscious Research

So, I started doing some conscious research on the science behind the intention and if it is indeed what I believe it is, which is all-powerful, all connected, all of everything. And according to science, it is, in Scientific American, in scientific research, and Harvard studies. I found a host of studies that state that when you set an energetic intention that that reverberates out from your energy field and begins to draw to it or rearrange things to support that intention.

Science is Catching Up

Now I know, I know, we’ve been teaching this for a long time, but science is catching up with it, that power of intention is the basis for Holographic Healing, that power of intention is the basis for Everything is Possible. That power of intention is a way of living your life deliberately in the connection between you and the Universe. And that’s pretty cool to know that our planet is evolving to such an extent. In my belief system is fifth-dimensional living, and we are already there, and now the humans get to catch up with that.

Perceptive Purchase Order

So that power of intention, that’s why we do the bracelets because every thought becomes that intention, every thought becomes a perceptive purchase order for you to live in a specific frequency of energy. I know, take a deep breath on that one.

I believe that we need to be consciously aware of our intention with that intention we can heal from illness, dis-ease and we can heal from personal trauma and heartache. We can also heal and align our soul with the Universal Light of the Universe. I know that’s redundant, Universal Light of the Universe, but it’s true.

Let’s Intend Something Together

So let’s intend something together. Several weeks ago, Adironnda (in a channeling with Kryon) was talking about the 11:11 AM energy. At 11:11 AM set your alarm on your phone and do three things: Place your hands together on your Third Eye Chakra then say, “I’m intending to connect with the people of this planet and bring them into light and love and send them light and love energy for their own highest good.”

Then bring your hand down to your Throat Charka and say, “I’m intending to connect with the earth and its love for us, and the support of the people of this planet.”

Now to your Heart Chakra, “I’m intending to connect with the heart of humanity. To acknowledge that energy of intentional living, encompassing all with love and light, paying attention to the sustainability of this planet.” Thank you.

That’s what I do at 11:11 AM, a variation thereof. I try to do this every day because if the intention is as strong as science says it is, that’s a pretty good intention. Imagine if everybody across the planet would have that same intention or a variation thereof at 11:11 AM, that would mean it would happen every hour at 11:11, which is an instant snapshot of your thoughts at that time. Pretty cool. Intentional living, it’s possible. Namaste, ya’ll. Namaste

Have you ever set a daily intention? Do you do anything at 11:11 currently? If so, please share with a comment below. We love hearing your feedback and stories!


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