The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect

Situations In Your Life

I have been in the studio now for a couple of days, and I just wondered what the ripple effect was. We just had a conversation actually about the ripple effect and how fear has a ripple effect. And we have a ripple effect. Everything does like the Rube Goldberg effect.

The ripple effect, the Rube Goldberg effect, where you have all these things, and you knock a domino down, and three more dominoes fall into place. Then the bucket of water fills up, and it takes the mousetrap, and the bucket of water pours on the mousetrap, and the mousetrap jumps out, and the mouse then runs across the thing. You know what I’m talking about, right? You know, fear is kind of like the Rube Goldberg effect because when you are afraid of something, well, you create more of what you’re afraid of.

That creates a situation in your life that you have the opportunity to be even more afraid of it. That creates a situation in your life that other people start responding, or on an actual subconscious level, they start reflecting back to you that which you are most afraid of because that’s what’s on your mind. So it is that Rube Goldberg effect.

Well, believe it or not, the Rube Goldberg effect has the same effect for joy, love, or positive energy. So if you start your day with joy, which is a song by Karen Drucker, I Start my Day with Love, I Start my Day with Joy, I Start my Day with Peace. You know, it also starts the Rube Goldberg effect because you start your day with joy, then you brush your teeth with joy, then you drink your coffee or your tea, or eat your banana or whatever with joy.

Reflecting Joy Back To You

Then everything in your life starts to rearrange itself to reflect that joy back to you because that’s the subconscious purchase order you’re putting out. And so that comes back to you with love and positivity and joy. Even the people you don’t know rearrange the way they respond to you subconsciously, based upon what energy you are putting out.

Now, that is a scientific fact. I’m not going to quote that scientific fact right now because I don’t have it right here in front of me. However, it is true. And you can google it and find out how that works. But when you put that energy out, that’s what you’re thinking about. When you put that frequency out of what you’re thinking about, then the Rube Goldberg effect starts taking place.

Falling Into Place

Everything starts rearranging itself, falling into place in that divine order as it is coming through. How cool is that? So if you’re thinking about that you don’t want this, or you can’t have that, that starts the Rube Goldberg effect into action as well.

Instead, look at what you want to choose in your life, what you are feeling, that aspect of connecting with your family and your friends, how fun it will be, how safe your trip will be. And think about how exciting that can be when you start your own Rube Goldberg. I’m trying to figure out a way to call Marilyn Harper’s effect the Rube Goldberg effect, but I don’t think Rube would like that.

Start Your Day With Joy

Think of your life creating that ripple effect in your world to start your day with joy, start with love, or start with peace instead of starting your day with fear. And Rube Goldberg will come in to make all of those connections you desire perfect. How’s that sound? Namaste y’all. Namaste.

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