The Time of Instant Manifestation is Now

By Adironnda via Marilyn Harper

“Why B.L.I.S.S.?” Marilyn asks.

Adironnda responds:

You know, it is not really about channeling or woo-woo, or how many lifetimes you had as a carpenter or king, OR bringing the dimensional shift of the Universe through your body for the enlightenment of all. Sounds heavy huh? What all this stuff is truly about is to bring you, to being more YOU. That is what B.L.I.S.S. is all about!

Simple, right? Easy, it certainly can be. You see, when you are you, then all is truly right in the Universe. Yet, it is our realization that in the last 14 years of channeling, connecting with people of this planet, somehow, people here, maybe beings, everywhere feel that they are separate from that essence, that spark in their perfect creation.

That is what we are here to connect. Bringing the realization that that spark is expanding and filling all the places that might seem empty at the time.

Can you imagine a world where, every desire, ever thought, every wish is fulfilled? Well Dear Ones, IT IS HERE. So, if all the thoughts are being made manifest, then we ask you, what are you thinking, what are you feeling, what are you seeing in yourself?

Mastering Bliss Class LogoWe see LOVE in you, and we are facilitating a fun, Exciting, passion filled school of mystery to bring YOU back to YOU.

Sounds pretty corny, doesn’t it? Yet, that is the deal! We are sharing experiences of how each person that joins us can be the best person they can be simply because they, … you, already are! You see, You already are you, how cool is that! Now all we get to help with, is YOU remembering YOU!

You simply get to remember who you are and how to use the Spiritual Gifts you have used (or maybe shut down, or chose to separate from) for thousands of years.

We believe, that each being on this planet has many gifts that are truly unique to them and we have specific techniques to help you remember your gifts.

You see, it is as we shared with Joeaux last week, Intuition is one of your gifts, channeling is one of your gifts, viewing into the Akashic Records for the purpose of learning how to trust and live, are your gifts. It is like a muscle that we are helping you exercise.

You see, it is about clarity of purpose, understanding of that purpose, trusting that information and then being proactive in using it.

We are in the times of Instant manifestation. Right!, so here we are, with the Universe showing us conscious logical signs every moment of that creation.

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