The Year of Self Care

the year of self care

It’s the Year of Self Care

Good morning! I am the voice of Marilyn today because she wouldn’t slow down. And the Universe has this way of…if you don’t slow down…they’re gonna slow you down. And what she wants me to tell you is that this year is all about self care. You’ve got to take care of yourself first!

Take Care of Yourself First

You’ve got to put the oxygen mask on yourself first. So where in your life are you not taking care of yourself? Marilyn and I, in the last 30 days, we’ve moved and taught a 21-day class. We’ve been on the road. I’ve consciously uncoupled, and I’m trying to buy a house. It’s just been incredible. Marilyn bought a house and I’m trying to buy the house across the street from her.

And Dida picked us up in San Jose and she said, “Wow! You guys are in the slipstream.” Because what happened is that we just started saying YES…Yes to everything that our heart was calling us to say.

Know When to Say When

Except that little Marilyn here, my best friend and business partner, who I love very much, she had over-booked herself on private sessions. And she didn’t want to tell any of you that she didn’t have the time, so she was trying to sneak in the private sessions (while we were doing a live event). And y’know what happened? The Universe took her voice away.

And Love Yourself

So I just want you to know, that she wants you to know, that this is the year…not just TODAY. This whole year is about taking care of yourself! Self-care. Loving yourself. [Cheek kiss — Now she has my lips on the side of her face. And I don’t want what she has].

So we want you to take a look at your life and see where you might be able to take a little bit more care of yourself. Because if you don’t, the Universe is going to put you in a position, of where you HAVE to take care of yourself! That’s the new energy.

The Choice is Yours

The new energy is well, you do have a choice. You have a choice of wearing yourself down, or taking care of yourself, so you can help us take care of the Planet! ‘Cause that’s our mission, is to shift the Planet.

We love you so much. Marilyn loves you so much. Adironnda loves you so much. I love you so much. We’re the general “we” for Adironnda and the Council. We’re the human voice this morning, I am anyway. And I am channeling, because Adironnda is telling you, “Please take care of yourself.”

In what areas can you take care of yourself more? How will you show yourself some love and kindness? We’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment in the box below.