Things to Ponder

Things to Ponder

Exhausting Energies

Hi, I’ve just been pondering the situation when you go around people, some people, not all people, and you come away feeling like you’ve had the life force air pulled out of you. You are just exhausted, and you want to take a nap. You think about what in the world happened, and you may feel dizzy or lightheaded.

Does anybody else ever feel that? Well, I do, and what can you do about that? Especially if they’re your relatives, you can’t get rid of them. They’re going to be your relatives no matter what. So what else can you do besides get rid of them?

Love & Light

Well, sometimes you don’t have to be around people that you know suck the life force energy out of you. Or, better than avoiding them, first, surround your energy with so much love and light that only love and light can get to your energy field. And then send them love and light.

Barrier of Love

Feel the gratitude and compassion for other people that may not be quite where you are, who may not even realize that they’re draining the life force energy from those around them. Send them energy, protect your energy, and fill it up with love and light and compassion. So that is a barrier of love, not allowing anything separate from love to come in. Try that. I call it the triple bubble of protection, and there’s a specific way that I do that, and if you’re interested in that specific way, I can certainly tell you.

Reflections of Their Energy

I use the triple bubble of protection when I’m around people who have drained my energy in the past. Or I allowed them to drain my energy; that’s the key, you are saying yes. So you can also say no to that and send them loving energy and healing energy because what you put out, you get back. What you radiate comes back to you. So it may be something that you are also doing that is a reflection of their energy.

Something to Ponder

Hmm, that is something to ponder. So, next time, surround yourself with so much love and light and compassion and ask that only love and light and compassion can come into your energy field. And that you send that love and light and compassion out so others can feel it and respond to it. How about that? Now, that is something to ponder—Namaste, y’ all, namaste.

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