Time to Gather

My Beginning

Hello, I have been sitting in the background with Adironnda for 22 years now. Next month it will be 23 years—Happy Anniversary to me. In listening to them over the past few months of me doing private sessions, I’ve noticed some consistent messages that I remember. I don’t remember anything because it’s not my information most of the time.

But this message I do remember, so it must be for me as well. Adironnda is asking people to gather together. That we really embrace human contact. As you know, where two or more are gathered with one intention, miracles happen. Miracles are really a change in perception, but a change in perception happens.

I’ve been thinking about, “Well, okay, so when I hear something three times a week, then I know that that’s something that I need to pay attention to.” I’ve heard this a lot more than three times a week. I’ve heard this a lot through Adironnda, so I’m thinking, “Okay, so how can I gather people together?” How could you gather people together?

A Way to Connect

By now, a lot of the mandates have been lifted. Many of the problems have been lifted, and people can actually look at each other from the eyeball. Again, yay, celebrate that, and what I’m seeing are the different ways we can connect. The most obvious to me is to have a group every month and have a little potluck. Everybody brings something, so it’s not stressful for one person.

Hook up your Smart TV to your regular computer, and everybody watches The Double Digits. Then talk about it afterward or talk about it beforehand. That’s one possibility. Another possibility is where I started. Right after I started channeling, I started a meditation group.

I didn’t channel at the meditation group, but I started a meditation group in my home. We had anywhere from two people to 10 people. It was not a huge crowd, and somebody brought a snack, cookies, chips, or something, and we had a little social energy. Then we meditated together on a particular subject. I’ve heard people communicate that to Adironnda and say, “Well, I can’t lead a meditation because I don’t know how to do that.”

Then Adironnda said, “Well, we have many. You can certainly pick one of ours and play one each time you gather.” That way, the responsibility is not on one person or another. So, a meditation group.

Another opportunity to gather is what we used to call a Reiki sharing group. Our Reiki sharing group was actually in the hospital meeting room. Doctors would recommend patients come down and get a little energy work while in the hospital if they could locomote or get around in that capacity. But a Reiki sharing group is one where you may have five or ten people on one table, two tables. Everybody works on everybody else, and it’s really sweet, gentle energy.

Time to Gather

I did it for years; I didn’t do it. I went to one and facilitated. I thought, “I don’t have to do everything.” So those are just some ideas. Another thing that you could do is start a book club.

Lots of people, there are so many spiritual books out there. Please let me know if you would like some suggestions for books that your book club could read. Contact me at info@adironnda.com, and I will make some suggestions. But a book club, our church, Unity of the Hills, has a book club meeting every week, and it’s wonderful. It’s so enlightening and inspiring to get other people’s ideas about things; plus, it’s just that socialization.

We have become non-social creatures over the past two months, two years, and that’s not who we are naturally. We are, as humans, social creatures. Gather some folks together, go to a movie, go have dinner for eight or whatever but start gathering friends together. Where two or more are gathered, you know the rest. Anyway, just a suggestion, think about it this week. Love you all, Namaste y’all, Namaste.

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  1. Ampa says:

    Yes, I wish to have more deeper relationships and community in my daily life too and I am feeling the need of gathering groups of people but the thought of I don’t how to do it or what to do has stopped me until now… This was a beautiful and welcomed remember… Thank you beloved Adirondda, Marilyn and community XXX

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