‘Tis the Season

Ho, Ho, Ho! ‘Tis the season, eh? Lots of things going on, gifts flying everywhere, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, whatever you celebrate… family dynamics, which can be wonderful, or a little trickery sometimes.

And then the New Year coming in, lots of energy and lots of focus. What are we building in the New Year? According to Adironnda, it’s about building mastery. It’s a “22” year, which is a master builder year, then kind of, switched it around to building mastery. So, it’s like what are you building in this year? What are your intentions?

Brain Dump List

I know we all seem to have all kinds of enthusiasm on the first of the year to create new things, new ideas, new focuses, lose that 10 pounds, start working out, eat healthier, remodel your kitchen, remodel your house, or buy a house.

You know, what I do…I think I’ve told you this before, but what I do is, on the back few pages of my journal I, kind of, go backwards. And I start by making just a brain-dump list. And, according to statistics, when you do a brain dump, you need to dump for at least 20 minutes. So I set a timer for 25 minutes or 22 minutes, because I love 22s. And I just dump everything that I would like to see, feel, accomplish, be, and experience in the next year. Then, you know, sometime during that year, I usually run out of that particular journal. But I save that out and I look at that through the year, sort of, check things off. I love to check things off a list, don’t you?

Time to Journal

So it’s a way of connecting. It’s a way of shifting your awareness and allowing all those thoughts that are rolling around in your brain all year long to have some place to go. And your journal, of course, is a perfect place for them to go. So see what you could do about that. Take your journal. If you don’t journal… Why not? It’s about regurgitating, it’s not necessarily about saying anything profound in your journaling, it’s about regurgitating all the trash, all the junk, all the extraneous stuff from your brain each morning so you can be clear. I used to journal three pages and then I did my automatic writing. And, I started doing that again. (I see that Joeaux is texting me right now. Ha,ha,ha, that’s her text sound).

22-Minute Approach

Anyway, try that. Try the brain dump approach, for 22 minutes minimum, in the back of your journal. If you don’t journal, go buy one or get a spiral notebook. Those work too. Or with those little composition books, either one…anything. And then start seeing what it is that you would like to see happen in this next year, 2020.

Namaste, y’all. Namaste.

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