To Bag or Not to Bag

bag over your head

Ever feel like life would be better with a bag over your head?

Just not do anything… not think about all the horrible things that are going on in your world. Just put the bag over your head. Maybe they’ll disappear, maybe they’ll go somewhere.

There’s a bunch of people you can blame for all the bad things that are happening in your life. It’s easier with a bag over your head. But you know what?

Sometimes when you put the bag over your head, and you just sit there, you realize that it’s hard to breathe in a bag. It’s hard to see daylight in a bag and you like daylight.

What happens if you peek out from under the bag?

Ah, there you are, you know? Sometimes, it’s okay to put a bag over your head and just check out from everything, everyone in the world. But set a time limit on that checking out.

I know the hardest thing to understand is that you are the one that’s responsible for all the choices. You decided to put the bag on your head, you decided to create the things that don’t seem quite so much fun. ‘Til then you get angry with yourself for deciding to do that and it’s like, “What were you thinking?” Well, you were thinking about in enlightenment, that sometimes we get the opportunity to go in opposition of something, so we can then come out and see where we might be.

This is where I am today, debating.

Do I put the bag back on my head, or do I make a difference?

Are you deciding, too, if you’re gonna put the bag back on your head or be the change, be the difference in your world?

What would it take to leave the bag off?

It’d be the difference.

Play a song. That shifts the energy.

Do a little dance. That shifts the energy too.

Do you know that when you call your friend and tell them about how horrible your day is, that doesn’t necessarily always shift the energy? Because sometimes they go, “Whoa, you poor thing,” and they buy into that. So call a friend that will not buy into that and say, “Well, you know, it’s okay to feel that way.”

How are you gonna shift it?

You don’t want to stuff that old energy back inside. But instead, you can do something productive with that energy. Clean out a drawer, clean out your room, clean out your life. Those negative friends in your life that would agree with you and say, “Oh this is so bad, poor thing, poor thing.” Those are the friends that you might wanna clean out. And bring in some more positive influence. Not that somebody always has to say, “Well this is what you should do.” You know the “you shoulds”, is “shoulding” on yourself just like when you do it yourself.

Find someone that will just listen and help you hold the space for your own personal self-discovery.

That’s all it is. Your own personal self-discovery of your own light. Then you don’t need the bag on your head because there’s so much light inside the bag when you put it on, that you can’t close your eyes because the lights bleeding through your eyes, because you’re the light.

Remember that part. No matter what things look like on the outside, you’re still the light.

Namaste y’all!


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3 thoughts on “To Bag or Not to Bag

  1. Solange schmitz says:

    Thank you Marilyn and Joeaux. The illustration is powerful . I Will choose differently. Yes, i want to make a difference. And yes, i will sing a song:
    I am happy, happy, happy. I am happy, happy, happy, happy.
    I am happy, happy, happy
    With the HAPPINESS of Fun-Way!

  2. João Veríssimo says:

    Hi Joeaux Robey
    I really liked this video. Thank you very much.
    with love
    João Veríssimo

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