Tonight: Marilyn and Joeaux

TONIGHT: Marilyn Harper and Joeaux Robey– – – Continues thru this week: Monday, August 6 – Thursday, August 9 – – –
WHEN: Monday, August 6 – 6pm Pacific
Or, Call (206) 402-0100 or (323) 476-3672 PIN – 820440#

Marilyn from Walk-in Conference

Marilyn Harper is the founder and CoCreator of Adironnda and Company and the Executive Director of Walk-ins Welcome International Conference. She is an accomplished Reiki Master, Karuna Master, Certified Intuitive Consultant, Teacher of Dimensional Healing, and facilitator of monthly, annual, and International retreats. Marilyn’s published over a dozen meditation CDs and is currently working on her first book.

Joeaux Robey


Joeaux Robey is an accomplished writer and artist, a successful entrepreneur with several “start-ups” created, and acquired. She also holds an Executive MBA and has done brand development and online consulting for some of the largest names in business. While she considers herself to be a toddler in the metaphysical world, she is a self proclaimed Evangelist for all things spiritual, and utilizes her marketing and business expertise to help those who are also assisting with the Shift of this Planet.

Both Marilyn and Joeaux have an amazing walk-in story that brought them exactly to where they are today. Together, with grace, ease and laughter, they form Adironnda & Company, to bring messages from the Masters and Archangels that help people find and live in their Highest Joy. They facilitate monthly, annual, and International retreats for individuals, couples and families to break through generational barriers and get in touch with their true happiness.


.*See* you tonight online or on the call! The call will be recorded and a download link will be sent out afterwards.

Blessings in light, love, and laughter!

Marilyn & Joeaux, Your Hosts

CoCreators, Adironnda & Companyy

Marilyn Harper & Joeaux Robey

PS. You can still register for our Walk-in Phenomenon Webinar series. If you’ve attended previous Walk-in Phenomenon webinars, chances are you are already registered.

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