Training Wheels Off!

What was it Einstein said?

Something about “life, balance, and moving forward?” Adironnda agrees! This month’s (Part 1) Double Digit message is all about forging forward in unchartered territory. It’s like free wheeling for the 1st time!LIVE from Springfield, MO
Webinar / Telecast:

Sat., Feb. 2, 2013
6:00PM Pacific
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Online, on your phone, or catch us for the recorded replay later.

BONUS: Subscribers this month get a 2nd Free recording, details below.

Here’s the significance of the 2/2/2013 date:

  • The 222 encourages the focus on sacred relationships
  • It’s also an indication that you are on the right track, so keep the faith!
  • Add in the 13 for a total of 10: New Beginnings! (We LOVE that.)
  • Part 2 will be on 2/22/2013 with an amplified activation and message.

BONUS: Subscribe now and get the extra February webinar / recording (a $15 value). February is the last month this year that has 2 recordings due to the date (2/2, and 2/22). Lucky you!

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Blessings in love, light, and rolling on the floor laughter,

Marilyn, Joeaux, and Adironnda & Company

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