I’ve been really thinking about what messages are coming up in this year, 2018. We started the year with the one-one, the double digit on 11. It’s posted somewhere on this website, look for it on the blog section, I’m not sure. But I posted that, and Randy and I and Joy created that, and the message was a little daunting, I have to say.

I know that Adironnda always presents things with love, and wraps us in love, but the image of those four ones – one, one, one, one – standing up with the courage to move forward, and the courage to stand together or alone, with that a strong foundation, I had to just look at that and say,

“What does that mean?”

Courage for complete transparency

And, to me, it means to have the courage for complete transparency. I listened to Joy’s message on forgiveness, and it’s like,

“You know, that is key.”

But also complete transparency. And then, I had to think, “What the heck does that mean? What am I not being transparent over?” I’ve been drawing from the first of the year, an Osho Zen layout, from the Osho Zen cards, just as part of my meditation and journaling, and I’ve gotten some really fascinating cards: suppression, conditioning, comparison.

And then I’ve also gotten nothingness, transformation, celebration, consciousness, inner-consciousness, meditation, ordinariness, you know. And it’s like, but the suppression, that just took me off guard and it was in the position of what it is that I don’t know, or what it is that I’m not aware of.

In that energy, I had to stop and look at myself, and I would ask you also to stop and look at yourself to see what it is about yourself that you are suppressing, what it is that would cause you to be able to live in total and complete transparency. And what does that mean?

Does that mean you just say anything, anytime, anywhere? Or does that mean that you acknowledge all people, those that are needing to be forgiven, forgive – including yourself – that’s number one? And to be able to express anything, live anything, anyway, in a place of love, without judgement, without criticism.

Transparency, I’m sitting with that. I recommend you sit with that as well. I’m taking it into the stillness. You know, we’ve been doing seven days of a guided meditation this year so far. They’re being posted somewhere on our website as well. And in that connection, to feel so many people all around the planet, also kind of searching for their own transparency, has been pretty significant. So sit back and relax. Breathe into transparency.

Namastè Y’all!

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