2016 Peru Spiritual Retreat: A Journey to your Soul

Join Marilyn and Joeaux, Adironnda, and our special Ambassador in a Peru spiritual retreat tour. Explore those spiritual aspects of yourself while enjoying the scenic views of Peru’s sacred sites.

May 16-30, 2016 | Peru Spiritual Retreat : A Journey to your Soul

The Sacred Sites of Peru

  • Spend 15 days with Adironnda & Company.
  • Encounter your shadow side, with knowledge and respect.
  • Allow for the healing of guilt, fear and shame through the Light.
  • Gain a greater perception of indigenous cultures of South America.
  • Experience the Ancients of the great Machu Picchu energy and activate a past life.

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Why Take This Adventure with Marilyn & Adironnda?

Experience Spiritual Healing Retreat at one of the oldest connections on the Planet

You will join Marilyn and Joeaux, Adironnda, and our special Ambassador, experienced Peruvian Trip Advisor and Shaman, Angela Mandato, who will guide us through the Peruvian adventure, and connects us with Reuben Orellana, former head archeaologist of Machu Picchu. Experience the channeling of both Marilyn (with Adironnda & Company) and Angela, as they assist in connecting you to the multidimensional worlds to deepen those core Aspects of yourself, with the Ancients of Peru.

Experience Healing on these Wonderful Sites

Machu Picchu – Is an Incan sanctuary, built in the 15th century, and situated in the summit of Andres Mountains in Peru. It is well known for its intricate buildings, built without the use of mortar, that play on astronomical alignments, and scenic views.

Travel to Machu Picchu

The Sacred Valley – also known as Urubamba Valley is a valley in the Andean highlands of Peru. It’s located near town of Cusco and the ancient city of Machu Picchu. While on the site, you can witness the Inca culture of worshiping Sun, Rain and Earth through the Incas’ ruins.

The Sacred Valley

The Amazon Jungle – travel with us along the Amazon River, where we will be welcomed by the Jungles of Mother Earth. Enjoy rare and unique inhabitants – including three-toed sloths and fresh water Pink Dolphins. Even have a natural spa treatment in the rich mud along the riverbanks. Discover local tribes and connect with the animals that have become their pets.

Here it gets better:


Meet the Shadow side with knowledge and respect, and allow for the healing of guilt, fear and shame through the Light. Experience the grandeur and ingenuity that are Machu Picchu. Open your Inner Sight, as in The Celestine Prophecy. Gain a deeper perception of the indigenous cultures of South America and join in bringing balance and protection to the Sacred Valley.


Awaken your own kundalini energy as you explore Machu Picchu, where the kundalini energy of Mother Earth resides. Connect to the ancient wisdom of this beautiful, magical land.

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