Using Your Cobalt Blue Bottle


Now that you are drinking out of a Cobalt Blue Bottle… everyone will wonder what you are up to!

And, that’s half the fun.

Watch this video for more details on how to use your new bottle. Enjoy!

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One thought on “Using Your Cobalt Blue Bottle

  1. pravaha says:

    yes it does. color is electric and water is magnetic, it stores the vibration of the color. the strongest magnetic effect has water at a temperature of 4 degrees celsius. you have to welcome the water. you also have to welcome the color, not thinking the words but talking loud.
    “dear water you are welcome in my body”
    “dear color i alow you to shine through my bodies.”
    kryon was talking a lot about it,
    ps. you can send the light through a crystal, inside the water……..

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