Vacation Fun

Vacation Fun

Hi, it’s Marilyn Harper, and believe it or not, I’m on vacation! Having fun here in Sedona, Arizona with Joeaux and some fabulous girlfriends, after the Kryon Sedona Channeling Retreat.

We just spent a few amazing days at Sedona Creative Life Center with Lee Carroll, Prageet Harris and Peggy Phoenix Dubro where Adironnda and I taught a new class about Tapping into Your Innate Abilities. More to come on that soon!

Fun is so important. No matter how busy you are, it’s critical to take time out to re-charge your batteries. And what better place to do that than in one of the spiritual Nodes on the planet!

What do you do for fun and self-love? Tell us in the comments below.

What is a Node, You Ask?

The specific definition given by Kryon is:

NODES occur when there is a specific overlap of the three Human consciousness grids. Gaia (as the Gaia grid) has a field apart from the crystalline and when The Crystalline Grid overlaps with Gaia in certain attributes there is a build-up of energy that creates a node. There are three kinds of nodes: portal, vortex and vortal. A portal is a node that overlaps and amplifies Gaia. A vortex is a node where the energies collide and they are constantly moving. To some, being in a vortex may feel good for a while but it’s hard to live there. A vortal is a node that is a mixture of a portal and a vortex. One of the attributes of nodes is that they absorb energy that is no longer needed. This is the mechanics of how The Crystalline Grid is recalibrating and why battlefields will no longer hold the energy charge of fear, war and death.

Nodes are places of immense intensity, often in places that are less accessible or desirable for human habitation. But humans are very attracted to them anyway, and the indigenous of the Earth often built temples there.

Namaste Y’all…

Vacation fun
Vacation fun with Marilyn Harper and Joeaux Robey