Visionaries in Light Convergence: What’s in a Name?

By Joeaux Robey

“Visionaries in Light”?


We’d been telling people that our annual conference has a new name (for three years we called it Walk-Ins Welcome), but looking into the energies — and, of course, listening to Adironnda — we came to realize that it’s not so much a new name as it is a whole new conference.

Yes! It appears that a whole new conference walked-in! As a walk-in myself, I just love that!

What we’re planning goes so far beyond the traditional
concept of a “conference” that we decided to transcend that
word altogether and call it a Convergence..

This is BIG!

Our gathering near Mt. Shasta, California, set for Oct. 10-12, 2014 (with pre- and post-events on the 9th and 13th), is just one aspect of a powerful four-part program that will last all year. The plan is for it all to dovetail right into our 2015 Convergence, to be held in Mt. Ida, Arkansas.

All year long, we will be exploring and celebrating a simple yet empowering theme: “I aM POSSIBLE!”

See how one little change does a one-eighty on ‘impossible’?
Come see for yourself! Our aim is to inspire you to remember your true essence and to live that essence to its fullest – by taking you back to your many roots.

Of course, I’m going to tell you about all the components of Visionaries in Light and how they fit together, but first let me get a little personal and share something I rarely talk about. It is this: I didn’t always trust and believe what I now know to be true. I was skeptical of (for lack of a better word) all things woo-woo. Or, at least most things woo-woo! Although I think I was always open to a whole wide world — or, let’s say, a whole wide Universe! — of Spiritual possibilities, I had plenty of doubts. Starseeds? Right! Walk-Ins? Seriously? It wasn’t until I met Marilyn and Adironnda that I really began to trust and believe. They had so much to do with my finding my truth. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that Source brought us together.

It is because of our work together and how much it has helped me along my own path that I understand on a cellular level how profoundly important it is to show the impact that people can have on one another. This is precisely our intention with Visionaries in Light.

So! What’s in a name? Well, for starters, in this one there’s “Light”!

Adironnda says that 23 percent of the people on Earth right now are Lightworkers. Think of it! Practically every fourth person you meet is a soul who volunteered before birth to assist in alleviating the pains of this planet! With most of them, perhaps, you’d never guess it, as they spend their workdays pushing paper and punching clocks, teaching students or running small businesses.

On the other hand, some Lightworkers you can read from 50 paces. Marilyn is one; you could undoubtedly name others. These people are bright lights, true Luminaries! They devote their lives to spirit-centered work. They support themselves, and sometimes even a staff, through their endeavors to heal the planet. What’s more, they inspire others to stretch themselves and grow into doing spirit-centered work, too.

Visionaries in Light celebrates these Luminaries! Throughout the program’s component parts, you’ll meet Luminaries sharing their stories and imparting their wisdom.

But wait! (as the saying goes) There’s more!

What’s in a name? Well, besides “Light,” this one also has “Visionaries,” and that’s the name we’ve decided to bestow on the untold thousands (maybe millions) of Lightworkers who, while not yet living their dreams of full-time Spiritual employment, are beginning to step into those dreams — quite possibly because they’ve been inspired by a Luminary in their midst. So, they haven’t quite “quit their day jobs,” so to speak, but they’re doing plenty of powerful moonlighting!

Visionaries in Light will showcase these up-and-comers, these Visionaries, as well as the Luminaries who have (in the parlance) already arrived. Each of our program’s component parts will hold the space for these Luminaries and Visionaries to share their stories, impart their wisdom, and inspire those who gather near — many of whom will undoubtedly be Lightworkers themselves, whether they know it yet or not.

visionaries in light convergence - sedona attendees
Adironnda says 23 percent of Earth’s inhabitants are Lightworkers now.
Here are a bunch of them who gathered at our conference
last year in Sedona.

So! Just what are the component parts of Visionaries in Light?

Visionaries in Light Radio: “Listen to the Light.” Launched on July 11, 2014, this show airs on BlogTalk Radio at 11:11AM PT (the moment of instant manifestation) on the 11th and 22nd of each month (master numbers for spirit and builders). Each 90-minute broadcast features scintillating conversations as Marilyn and I interview three Visionaries and/or Luminaries about the work they’re doing. Our guests on August 11 will be sound and energetic healer Kathleen Farrell, oracle and Runes consultant Ann Skladanek, and chemist and energetic alchemist Betsy Bower.

Visionaries in Light Webinar: “See the Light.” A three-day webinar series, Sept. 9-11, consisting of nine interviews with the Luminaries who will be presenting at the Convergence. Find out, for instance, what we mean when we say that the “Galactics” send “Starseeds” to the planet, the “Indigenous” are the humans those Starseeds came from, and the “Ancients” include the animals as well as the “precursor” to the “separation.” It’ll be juicy information, for sure!

Visionaries in Light Convergence: “Be the Light.” A conference like no other. Join us in Weed, California, at the College of the Siskiyous, in view of sacred Mount Shasta; share in the wisdom that our panel of Luminaries and Visionaries will present; and contribute your personal energy to multiply our group frequency as we expand the connection between humankind and our Lemurian brothers and sisters who live in the subterranean city of Tellos, beneath Mount Shasta. Expect plenty of meditations and activations. You’ll come away gleaming!

Visionaries in Light Pilgrimage: “Live the Light.” A one-year program that will take participants to four powerful points on the planet to experience profound Spiritual communions. These points are:

  • Uluru, Australia, to stay with an Aboriginal tribe for seven days, near Ayers Rock
  • Crestone, Colorado, to experience the Galactics and the Native American connection
  • Machu Pichu and Lake Titicaca, to connect with the Shaman spirit of the Incas and the Andes
  • A Thailand tour, including Bangkok, Chang Mai, Krabi and Bankrut, to work with the elephants, the ancients of the animal kingdom, and to experience the age-old practice of Buddhism, which will lead into the whole concept of religion, in preparation for our 2015 Convergence, whose theme will be “Unmasking the Religions.”

So there you have it!

All of us on Team Adironnda are so excited about Visionaries in Light, we’re practically levitating! Want to levitate, too? Sign up early and save a bundle! Find out more and reserve your space at








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