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In addition to the Luminaries from our Webinar series, we also invited the Visionaries who will speak at the Convergence to join us on the radio show for a brief interview.

Heres to the Visionaries

Every successful starry-eyed dreamer, once had a beginning. Many of these dreamers attribute their vision to something much bigger than themselves.

“Visionaries in Light” radio showcased these dreamers and while you many not have heard of them (yet!) they are shifting the consciousness of our Planet, following their Divine guidance, creating ripples of inspiration to positively change the world.

Each segment contains three 22-minute interviews with Marilyn and Joeaux speaking with Visionaries. Often, a program will be co-hosted with a Luminary who introduces someone who has been directly inspired by the work of that luminary. It just goes to show how good work ripples out all over the planet to inspire more good work!


The Power of Being, the Mysteries of Sound & the Convergence of Light

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22 minutes each from the following visionaries who will be speaking at the conference:

Marilyn EagenEnergetic Healer: An integrated approach of assessing and following the energy systems of people, in a very spiritual and gentle way. Marilyn helps people to heal themselves using whichever tool that serves each person in the best way possible.

Three TreesTeacher, Healer, Musician, Artist: Studied music and art from an early age. Following a national music tour of Peru, there awoke a passion to deepen his connection to the Divine and to understand the mysteries of sound and rhythm as a healing modality.

Joeaux & Marilyn CoCreators of Visionaries in Light Radio: Discover the vision behind this radio series and new conference.

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