Visionaries in Light Convergence Mt. ShastaSince 2011, known as the Walk-ins Welcome Conference

FRI – 10, SAT – 11, SUN – 12 OCTOBER | MT. SHASTA*, CA

*Actually, the conference is Mt. Shasta-adjacent — it will be in Weed, California, at the College of the Siskiyous.
Plan to arrive by (early) Thurs., Oct. 9, for the PreEvent (9AM-2PM) and to depart Mon., Oct. 13.





Thurs., Oct. 9, 9AM-2PM







Connecting your Lemurian and Atlantean Roots

with Andrew Oser + several speakers

  • We will meet at the Sacramento River Headwaters, in the Mount Shasta City Park 1315 Nixon Road in Mount Shasta City
  • We will explore the Lemurian and Atlantean Gateways around Mt. Shasta.
  • We will connect and communicate with the Telos who have lived underneath Mt. Shasta for 30,000+ years.
  • We will go to the Ascended Masters portals to connect and receive guidance for further exploration.
  • We will experience many speakers up close and personal while playing and laughing through the day.

Your pre-event includes

  • Lunch
  • Gentle walk on Mt. Shasta
  • Sacred Sights to see Mt. Shasta
  • The portal energy of St. Germain like no others have experienced
  • Direct communication with the Telos, the inner earth beings and Galactics who travel through the Mt. Shasta area
  • Lemurian and Atlantean gateway reception

There will be speaker activations and channeling at each stopping point. Andrew Oser, the leading authority on Mount Shasta will be our Tour Guide. We will begin our journey at the Sacramento Headwaters in the Mount Shasta City Park. This is a wonderful spot to get pure water and do cleansing/healing rituals. The water that comes out of the spring at the Headwaters has melted from glaciers high on Mt Shasta and is imbued with the energy of the sacred mountain.

Next, we will drive up the mountain and do a short hike to the Telos Portal, which is an ideal place to connect with the Lemurian frequencies of pure love that are so strong on Mt. Shasta. Many visitors have profound experiences at this spot.

From there, we will do a very short walk to Vision Ring, located on a ridge with a full view of the summit. I’ve found this to be a perfect spot to receive a strong energy transmission from the mountain and to receive visions for how Spirit wants to work through us.

Next, we will drive up the mountain all the way to the end of the road. From there, we will do a short hike up to St. Germain Ring, a very powerful spot with breathtaking views. This is great site to connect with the I Am energy and to work with the Violet Fire.

We will include a boxed lunch, so we need to know, Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Meat Sandwich, chips, drink, and dessert. Plus snacks. We will provide water,

We will NOT provide Transportation. When we meet at the headwaters, there is plenty of parking and then we will join together to carpool up the mountain.

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