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Your Hosts: Marilyn Harper and Joeaux Robey


For three days, we will held LIVE interviews covering a historical perspective (many are channeled) from Starseeds, to the Indigenous People, to Ancient Experiences.

Each topic dove deeper, to assist you in remembering your own essence of that time.



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Who Is the Intergalactic Federation and Why Should You Care?

bj King

bj King is a practical mystic, artist, writer, minster, teacher of creativity, spiritual life coach, president of Namaste, Inc. a non-profit spiritual education organization based out of Oklahoma City. She works inter-dimensionally as a liaison between the Intergalactic Federation, the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Angelic realm and Humanity. She is editor and publisher of the Namaste Newsletter and the Namaste Mystery School of Remembering and the author of several books.

Marilyn | Joeaux | with bj KING, Practical Mystic


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In Accordance to the Stars, Why Mt. Shasta in October?

Michelle Karen


The world is shifting. As old paradigms become irrelevant, we need the astrological insight and gifts that Michelle Karén provides for people worldwide, right now. Having predicted current global circumstances, she also holds the answers to help empower people and will talk about the significance of Mt. Shasta in the upcoming months. Michelle Karén is the author of the groundbreaking book, Astrology for Enlightenment, published by Atria, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.

Michelle Karén – Astrology, Shamanism, and Mystical Journeys



Transmission Through Light Language: The Alchemy of Love

Jamye Price

As humanity responds to the evolution that is Ascension, we are called to a greater path of empowerment and focus of compassion; the balance of uniqueness and unity. Where these two meet is within you. Your physiology is the powerful catalyst of change awaiting your attention to activate and expand into the world. Through The Alchemy of Love, you will discover a greater depth of the power of your focus, your challenges and your innate Divine Consciousness expanding.

Jamye Price – Energy Healer, Teacher, and Student of Life


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Back to the Future and the Innate Lifestyle of the Hawaiians

Ka'imi Horiuchi

There was a time when all of the Hawaiian culture would tap into innate abilities that honor the natural cycle of nature. Ka’imi shares ancient Hawaiian dance and chants with our modern world in hopes of awakening individuals to their own inner Kahuna. Join us as we share in Ka’imi’s passion of the Hawaiian ways.

Marilyn | Joeaux | with Ka’imi Horiuchi – Student of the Ancient Hawaiians


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Love is the New Currency

Christine Bannigan

Christine Bannigan is a spiritual teacher and catalyst for transformation. She guides people who are ready into more expanded realms of consciousness – opening hearts and minds to higher dimensional states of being. She is no stranger to the process of change. Prior to 2000 she worked as an industrial psychologist in the Asia Pacific corporate sector implementing organizational change. At the dawning of the new millennium however, she walked away from that world and opened to a new path.

Christine Bannigan – Spiritual Teacher and Catalyst for Transformation, Author of the Autobiographical trilogy – “The Evolution Series”


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Wisdom Teachings of Ancient Plant Medicine Experiences

Angela Mandato

Rev. Angela Mandato LMT, NC NCTMB is a mystic and a gifted energy medicine practitioner. A leader in heart centered communication, she is well versed in the languages of body, mind, soul and spirit. She is a masterful bodyworker, mentor, guide, and shaman and has studied with many experts, indigenous wisdom keepers and healers from around the world and has been given the esteemed title of Metis Clan Mother.

Angela Mandato – Mystic and a Gifted Energy Medicine Practitioner


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Free Your Mind from the Prison of Limiting Beliefs

Robert M Williams

Join us as we have an intimate conversation with Rob Williams, the originator of PSYCH-K®. A free mind puts you in charge of your own life. If you aren’t in charge, then others will be happy to do the job for you; including society, the government, the advertising industry, your friends and family, and most of all, your limiting beliefs, created by your past experiences, and past lives.

Marilyn | Joeaux | Robert M. Williams, M.A. – Originator of PSYCH-K®, and author of PSYCH-K…The Missing Piece/Peace in Your Life!



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Visionaries – – – A Call to Action!

Juelle Wilkins

Could it be, that humanity might be ready now? And could it be that we might be the radical activists who have descended to be the avatars of our time?! Could it be that what the Master Jesus was referring to as “greater things,” is the miracle that it takes to be present on our planet now, holding a vision of an awakened New World and the power that it takes to manifest our visions, therefore transforming each of us from good to GREAT?!

Could it be? Yes, we think so! It is a Call to Action.
Juelle WilkIns – On the Front Lines of the Consciousness Movement, Channel, and Author of the Book – Walk-in



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Are You Being Called to Awaken the Divine Feminine?

Catherine Ann Clemett

Those of us who are awakening are here on the planet at this time because we have wisdom, knowledge and gifts to share. This is part of our soul purpose. Although not yet aware on a conscious level, many of us are present-day Magdalenes here to be of service as midwives of the shift of consciousness currently underway, just as we have done in many ages past as well as in many other galaxies, star systems and planetary systems throughout the universe.

Catherine Ann Clemett – Catherine Ann is an international author, workshop leader and tour leader of sacred sites



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