Visionaries in Light Convergence Mt. ShastaSince 2011, known as the Walk-ins Welcome Conference

FRI – 10, SAT – 11, SUN – 12 OCTOBER | MT. SHASTA*, CA

*Actually, the conference is Mt. Shasta-adjacent — it will be in Weed, California, at the College of the Siskiyous.
Plan to arrive by (early) Thurs., Oct. 9, for the PreEvent (9AM-2PM) and to depart Mon., Oct. 13.



Audio Recordings of the 3-Day Convergence – $99


Listen to all of the recordings from the speakers at the event, including the 10-10-2014 Double Digit Message and Activation with the panel of channels.

Approximate Delivery Date – Nov. 15, 2014


Topics of the Convergence

Each year, a theme emerges for our conference and this year the energy was very different. The theme did not come in for a long time. We kept seeing a straight line and were unsure what it meant. Then, finally – just a few months ago, we were told that this was a presentation of a timeline to initiate a conversation about a literal, historical, timeline. This includes topics around Starseeds and the Galactics from the time of the inception of beings onto our planet. Next was an investigation of the Indigenous Peoples of our Planet and their innate cultural customs that have been passed down for eons and connected to Mother Gaia. Finally, we were shown the Ancients and the introduction into “civillized” cultures. Interestingly, the ancients also included the Animal Kingdom.

Our program is broken into two categories of speakers: Visionaries and Luminaries. For the purpose of topics, the Luminaries will be presenting information for a longer period – a more in-depth exploration of the Starseeds, Indigenous Peoples, and Ancient Wisdom. Wheras, the Visionaries will be sharing their own passion about the type of lightwork they are currently sharing with people.

Luminary Topics:

Marilyn Harper
MARILYN HARPER – Be the Visionary

Are you a visionary? Are you a luminary or a visionary? Being present with who you are, taking action to accomplish your dreams, cellular activation to help you be who you are always. Marilyn has a mystical way of setting the pace for a conference with an exciting kick-off. It is truly the birth of a new, amazing planet with this Vision of today’s Galaxy.

Marilyn will also close the conference Sunday evening with the energy of a midwestern spark-plug, “Living your Infinite Possibilities.” Going into the mountain, raising your awareness, realizing your own potential is all wonderful, but what are you going to do now. Stepping up to the plate and living your own infinite potential. It is time, Let go of the shore and just do it!


Rob Williams
ROBERT M WILLIAMS – Free Your Mind from the Prison of Limiting Beliefs

Rob Williams, Originator or the amazing Psych-K will enlighten and inspire us. A free mind puts you in charge of your own life. If you aren’t in charge, then others will be happy to do the job for you; including society, the government, the advertising industry, your friends and family, and most of all, your limiting beliefs, created by your past experiences.



Michelle Karen
MICHELLE KARÉN – Astrology * Shamanism *Special Tools for Personal Empowerment

The world is shifting. As old paradigms become irrelevant, we need the astrological insight and gifts that Michelle Karén provides for people worldwide, right now. Having predicted current global circumstances, she also holds the answers to help empower people. Michelle will share where we are globally and where we are going.



bj King
bj KING – Galactic night work with extraterrestrials and inner terrestrials

Description: I will talk about my personal experience of finding out who I am galactic ally and where I was working aboard a Venusian ship when lady master Venus asked me to walk in to this body and also explain why most people don’t remember their night work.



Jamye Price
JAMYE PRICE – The Alchemy of Love

Though science is beginning to understand consciousness, Lightworkers are immersing in changes that amplify their creative interaction with life. As humanity responds to the evolution that is Ascension, we are being called to a greater path of empowerment and focus of compassion; the balance of uniqueness and unity. Where these two meet is within you. Your physiology is the powerful catalyst of change awaiting your attention to activate and expand into the world.

In this transformative journey through The Alchemy of Love, you will discover a greater depth of the power of your focus, your challenges and your innate Divine Consciousness expanding. Journey with Jamye through esoteric science and potent Light Language transmissions, as your Love becomes even more penetrating in your life. You really do have the power to change the world!

Juelle Wilkins
JUELLE WILKINS – Visionaries— A Call to Action!

This is a time of defining moments. Each choice, perception and act can make a difference. This is a time for our wave of evolution, our generation of light workers, regardless of our linear age. It is time to step up, claim our leadership, claim our authority and with all our soul, put our awe filled visions into action. It is for these times that we were born.

A quantum leap of consciousness is taking place as we stand on the threshold of a new evolutionary turn. It is the emergence of the Divine Human Being, the True Earth Star- Heaven on Earth. The power usually given to the Gods of old, is now integrating within each of us as we step up to purpose, live universally in right use of power and live beyond ego centeredness. This leap requires a level of conviction and commitment to ideas and action that may seem impossible and seem radical in the current circumstances but are really ideas that create the possible future.

We have few models for this level of personal, spiritual and social transformation and few models for handling of our own true power. The Master Jesus set a template for us and was the radical activist of his time. He said “greater things than these shall you do.” Most people interpret that statement to mean greater miracles shall you perform, like manifesting from the ethers and ascending our physical body. Humanity was not ready at that time for the message of this avatar. Juelle & Donovan are also the Founders of the Blue Star of Hope & The Power of One. This life-changing mentoring program illuminates the changes we can make in the world. They specialize in the Asian Elephant sanctuaries, Thai schools and South African orphanages.


ATHERINE ANN CLEMETT – Are You Being Called to Awaken the Divine Feminine?

We all know the Christ, but the Magdalene aspect is just now being remembered and given credence and is very much part of the awakening of the Divine Feminine. Magdalene is not just an individual, but an order of consciousness. Magdalene represents a much larger cosmic picture known throughout the history of this planet and other times and places in the universe by different names in different cultures.

Yeshua (Jesus), through his initiations, laid down a trail of light for all souls throughout time. In this, he was supported by adept initiates, men and women, known as the Magdalenes. Their journeys and service to the Divine Mother, as initiates, are recounted in the books, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong and its sequel, Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes by Claire Heartsong and Catherine Ann Clemett.

Now the Magdalenes are incarnating once again en mass on earth to nurture and expand this “trail of light” which Yeshya laid down. Many of you were not only those initiates in Yeshua’s time, but are present-day Magdalenes here to continue what was seeded in Yeshua’s time for you are the future selves of those initiates who lived two thousand years ago. The resurgence of the Magdalenes on the planet is not only to spark a remembrance of great teachings encoded with us, but to also bring back the balance and power of the divine feminine. It is only when the divine feminine is brought back into balance that the next step of bringing forth the inner marriage or the reweaving of your inner twin flame union of the divine masculine and divine feminine can occur. When the union of the divine masculine and divine feminine occurs within, then oneness is truly seeded in the heart, in the body, through the dimensions and on the planet.

Whether you are starseeds, walk-ins, or lightworkers, those of you who here on the planet awakening at this time have come forth because you have wisdom, knowledge and gifts seeded within you to share. This is part of your soul purpose. It is the mission of the Magdalenes. You are here to be of service acting as midwives of the shift of consciousness currently underway. This is what the Magdalenes have always done in many ages past as well as in many other times and places in other galaxies, star systems and planetary systems throughout the universe.
So whether you are a man or woman, this presentation may help you gain greater understanding of not only your role in assisting the Divine Feminine coming forward to its rightful place, but also in being an anchor for the shift of consciousness and the new energy of oneness that is emerging.


Christine Bannigan
CHRISTINE BANNIGAN – Love – The New Currency

Christine will take you, in consciousness, to the centre of the ancient land Australia. You will enter the sacred Pleiadian mothership, Uluru. Trust the connection as Uluru activates parts of you that have been asleep for a while – ancient encodings. Then Christine will guide you to new understandings and empowering mindsets that assist with our continued metamorphosis into the new form. Experience a recalibration as you re-program at a subconscious level – make love your currency


Angela Mandatos
ANGELA MANDATO – Wisdom teachings of ancient plant medicine

Angela will share her powerful journeys of healing, understanding, miracles and transformation while in ceremony with ancient plant medicine. Like the love of a mother, wise plants offer protection, compassion, and clarity for us as individuals and members of a large community. Everything from personal healing to global healing, insight into the mysteries of the universe, and navigating the realms of relationship, these life giving plants invite us to begin with self love.


Visionary Topics:

Joeaux Robey
JOEUAX ROBEY – What Makes Your Heart Sing?

Your heart is your access to Source energy. You don’t have to get it intellectually, you absolutely get it energetically. When we lead with our heart turning towards connection, we drop our interpersonal armor and lead with vulnerability, we tap into the source of our heart’s greatest fulfillment: passion. Passion is everything! But, how do you tap into your passion if you’ve never really been sure of what it is for you or even what it looks like. Be prepared to sing, Joeaux will illustrate the three components that will get anyone’s heart singing.


Betsy_Bower_pic (2)
BETSEY BOWER – Energetic Alchemy

We all envision a better world for ourselves, our loved ones, for everyone and everything on the planet. That is why we are here, being human at this time and in this place. Energetic Alchemy is a tool, an innate ability each of us possesses to help manifest that better world. You probably use it on a daily basis without even realizing the true power you wield. Remember how to consciously create transformative change in your life and for the planet. Live. Breathe. Be One will All.


CrisFOLPic_copy (1)
CRIS OLSON – Sacred Geometry in Jewelry and Art

Cris Olson is a fifth generation master jewelry designer & multimedia artist, who uses aspects of Sacred Geometry and archeological and historical elements in his work, in unison with divinely guided imagery accessed through mediation. Through working with sacred geometry and imagery, Cris will inspire you to delve deeper into your own history exploring your past to embrace your presence.



THREE TREES – Dancing with the Divine

A Shamanic Dance Journey with Live Drumming facilitated by Three Trees. This dance event has focused intention for healing and deeper connection with the Sacred. Supported by shamanic sounds and tribal rhythms, powerful archetypes will be embodied as we call forth the Divine within. This is a dance of remembrance into who we truly are….



Realize Your Vision by Giving Yourself a Raise

If you are involved in any part of this convergence, whether or not you’re presenting, attending, watching the replay or volunteering, you’re a Visionary and you are vital. Whether you are sweeping the floor or sitting down to relax for a few minutes, during these times of great shift and change, your participation and your full presence is of immense importance. You are incredibly valuable, not because of what you can do for others, but simply because you exist.

At times, we can lose sight of this. For some of us, we’ve heard people say it and it’s so easy to see it in others, but we’ve never allowed ourselves to receive those words or accept it fully for ourselves. Some of us use the fact that we are spiritual, galactic or connected to derive our value or even serve as a distraction to avoid looking at it. Just because you are delivering a life or world changing experience and people really need what you have to offer, doesn’t mean that your mission or those people are any more important or valuable than you are. In fact, there’s a failsafe that tends to get triggered when we dip into self-sacrifice and deprivation. Things become intense, challenging and stressful. You might experience overwhelm from being overcommitted (even to things that you love) or the challenge of a health, relationship or financial crisis.

Embracing, honoring and valuing ourselves fully through meeting our own needs at the highest levels returns us to balance and raises the bar on what we have available to offer others. The path to truly being of the utmost service in the world begins with seeing and honoring the value in yourself.

GILA CADRY – Song of Songs

The Song of Songs is a collection of sensual, at times erotic poems written to the beloved. It is among the sacred texts of the Hebrew bible and its authorship is attributed to King Solomon. Born to a lineage of mystics and adepts, his father, King David was a master poet, musician and mystic who authored the Book of Psalms. His forbearer, Tamar was known in ancient Israel as a “kadisha”- an adept woman. The Song of Songs is a call for passion and Divine unification. It is an invocation and a summoning of that which is inherent to every heart. It is a potion for devotion.


Janie_&_Tony_black_outfits-GeneTONY SAINT TONE & JANIE BOISCLAIR – Shouting Out Some GOOD NEWS for Your Soul!

Founded by musicians Janie Boisclair and Tony Saint Tone, Humanitarian Radio is an LA-based radio show on the EZ Way Broadcasting Network.
The show spotlights good things that are happening both locally and global. Each week they host an amazing assortment of “GIVERS” who
show great appreciation of the human race. Enjoy the positive music by Saint Tone and take away a jolt of inspirational, enlightening lyrics to round out
the hour. Their variety of guests range from Hollywood Entertainers to Doctors, Healers and mom next door who offer advice on living a positive life while
sharing their amazing stories. Cap it off with tips on new fundraising trends, marketing your events and how you can take part in various good will
functions worldwide and you’ve fed all the senses in an hour of fun! www.HumanitarianRadio.comHumanitarianRadio


MARILYN EAGEN – Your Power of Being

We are living on earth in a time of extremes. These “extremes,” have been going on for a few years and will continue for several more. As we move through this time we may experience not only beautiful changes in our lives, but also very challenging ones. At times we may feel scattered, confused, fatigued, or just out of sorts, unable to determine why. There may be a sense Time is moving faster and life may feel chaotic and sometimes out of control.

I believe there are several reasons why we may be experiencing the extremes at the levels we are:
– We are all connected energetically as “One”
– We are energetically influencing everyone around us and they are influencing us
– We are connected to each other energetically more than ever before
– Our own energy systems and those around us may be in a weakened or compromised state

My goal is to share with you some of the principles and techniques I have developed and used over the past several years to help each of you bring your energy system into balance. When our energy system is balanced we feel vital, healthy, safe and full of Joy. Because we are “One” energetically, as we each continue to move towards this balanced state, it puts us in a position to positively influence the energy or vibrational frequency not only of ourselves but also those around us.
These techniques assist us in not only achieving our highest vibrational frequency but also maintaining it individually and collectively. It is in this state we truly begin tapping into our POWER and move into energetic vibration of “Healer by Being!”

Kathleen Farrell
KATHELEEN FARRELL – Free at Last, Free at Last

Are you ready to give yourself an upgrade to the next level, but aren’t sure how to do that? Are you ready to live & express the natural vitality of your Soul again, like when you were a child? Do you want to feel Peace & Possibility present in your body each day? Using a combination of Alchemy sound vibration and quantum energy change, you can easily be all of these states of consciousness. I will share 3 simple tools that you can use to create this feeling of freedom and energy including an Angelic filtering process. Join in the fun with me, and feel FREE to be your very best self!


ANN SKLADANEK – Conversations with Runes

The Runes became the touchstone for Ann when she was struggling to end an obsessive and toxic relationship, but could not find the clarity to move forward. Family and friends, and even fellow readers, couldn’t help though they tried. In frustration, Ann reached to an oracle she had never tried, the Runes, and began a 21-day journey that changed her life.
Runes may be an ancient oracle but their voice, is current and cutting edge. The Runes have a practical voice that speaks directly to the underlying source of any situation allowing clarity and deep understanding. Their advice is clean, clear and powerful and always speaks to your highest purpose and destiny.



Tapping Play is a line of creative and fun tools designed to ground your beautiful child in self love and self esteem. Our line of products includes The Tapping Play book, 7 Rainbow Day Songs, Tapping Play Song DVD, and a full downloadable program which includes posters, activity and coloring sheets, song sheets and parent guide.
Annabelle, our free spirited tapping guide and her pals Billy and Franny lead your child through the daily song and tapping. This daily reinforcement of self esteem through the act of singing and tapping helps teach your child to love themselves and be able to verbalize it! The 7 songs, one for each day of the week, emphasize positive self-esteem verses, happy thoughts, I AM affirmations, joyful expressions of self-love and happy hugs. These upbeat songs bring happiness and joy to all age groups big and small.
Tapping Play is a wonderful gift of love for children: love of self, love of their uniqueness, love of movement, love of singing, love of self expression, love of positive feelings, and love for life.







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