Visionaries in Light Webinar Series 2014

Visionaries in Light Webinar 2014

Visionaries in Light Webinar 2014


WED – 10, THURS – 11, FRI – 12 SEPTEMBER | 6:00 PM PDT TimeZone Converter >

Come and meet some bright shining lights…

Recorded LIVE -from Wednesday (Sept. 10, 2014) through Friday (Sept. 12, 2014)

>> Get Access to All 9 Interviews – $99.

I know this may seem a little last minute, but I am sure all is in Divine Order…

We (Joeaux and I) have been Divinely guided for our upcoming, three days of cosmic conversation: Visionaries in Light Webinar Series, beginning Wednesday, September 10.

It’s time to shed some light on a very old time-line, and we get to do that! Yaaaay!

Join us online and attune to the experiences of: Starseeds with channeled messages from the Intergalactic Federation; to some innate insight shared by the Indigenous people; and on to the wisdom of the Ancients, including the animal kingdom.

All Spiritually focused, of course.

You will be introduced to some of our very special friends, for three days of conversation that you won’t soon forget! ‘Makes me tingle all over, just writing this.

Our series launches LIVE Wednesday, at 6PM Pacific time, and continues on Thursday and Friday, at the same time. Each day also includes two pre-recorded interviews that dive just a little deeper on our LIVE topic. All webinars are recorded and available for free, up to 24 hours after the LIVE webcast.

Starseeds, Indigenous People, and Ancient Wisdom, of healers, teachers, channelers, authors, speakers, originators… truly infinite illumination.

For those of you that enjoyed the Walk-in Phenomenon Webinar Series, during the past three years, you will LOVE the Visionaries in Light Webinars. It is powerful, thought-provoking, and a preview of our Visionaries in Light Convergence, coming up quickly in October at Mt. Shasta.

Please pass this link on to your friends! The more, the brighter the light, and they will thank you for thinking about them. We will, too. : ) xoxoxox

>> Get Access to All 9 Interviews – $99.

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One thought on “Visionaries in Light Webinar Series 2014

  1. Chiara Beaumont says:

    I’m thoroughly enjoying the Visionaries in Light series. Jamye Price webinar was very interesting for me. When she talked about there were originally 5 races here and that the blue race left and now is coming back, that was amazing. I receive visions through the meditative, dream or awake state and I had a vision last year that I was talking to a large group of blue people. I didn’t know what it meant or if it was a symbolic vision, but after listening to Jayme it all makes sense now! What an
    A-HA moment!

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