Walk-ins Welcome 2013 Gets Rave Reviews

Now that the dust has settled, and the boxes have all been shipped back to our corporate office in Missouri… we actually, got to go through the feedback we received.

Here’s a little video of a few of the recorded testimonials and below are some of the written ones.

Other Reviews…

[Three Trees] “Excellent!”

[Jayme Price] “Fabulous!”

“I loved the conference – …lots of energy!”

“Everything is amazing! Fabulous job!”

“I am so very much loving the workshops…”

“You play your own unique note in this symphony of beauty!”

“Love is here now, forever, – – Great Day!”

“All goo, nice, perfect day – enjoyment and nice people.”

“I really loved the variety of it all!”

“bj King was a phenomenal speaker.”

“What an amazing day!” Each speaker / session, built on each other! Bravo!!”

“Loved.. SoulTones, Three Trees, The Singing Stone drumming during lunch…”

“Loved Dr. Todd, loved the swords – SoulToning, loved bj, loved ecstatic dance…”

“The energy here today is “off the chain” ~ what beautiful heart opened beings of light ~ bj was GREAT and actually everyone is of the highest light that is here. Thank you!”

“bj was awesome! Got activated!!! Todd was awesome on more levels than I can imagine. SoulTones was awesome!”

“I loved the setting outside was wonderful – heavenly. Everything goooooood.”

“The whole experience was magnificent. I enjoy every minute of it. Loved all speakers. Thank you!”

“Loved the breakout sessions… dance with Diane Light, SoulTones.”

“So glad to be back here now on my 2nd Conference: amazing, great incredible, lovely, super, nice, beautiful, … and it’s only the 1st Day!!!”


“I loved it all!”

“I loved everything!”

“Loved Dr. Todd.”

“bj King spoke from the heart! Very transformative. The Doc (Dr. Todd) was pretty amazing as well! Overall, a very positive experience. Loved the energy. The bowls were very cool – vibrations were telling”

“It is difficult to say 1 thing… each person is AMAZING!”

“I love that I ‘said’ YES.”

“Serenity… kind, awesome people… enlightenment.”

“Everything was great! The first thing was great, then the next thing was, etc. It’s very hard to say what was the most impressionable… definitely fascinated by Dr. Todd and bj!”

“It feels like this conference was specifically created for me… everything has been useful and unlocking things I didn’t even imagine before…”


“What a wonderful day – I loved every minute!” Leandra connecting with Stone people, bj just being adorable while providing greate information and laughs. SoulTones, Three Trees transported me somewhere – I’m not sure where but is was off the charts wonderful. Thanks. Love you!”

“Great day!!! Loved it all!!! : )”

“I loved it all! Especially Dr. Todd, Pineal Toning and bj’s awesome information! Bowls were awesome!”

“I loved every part!”

Even the criticism…

“I know it’s hard to stay on time with a group like this because we all can’t stop talking to each other, but WE could do a little better : )


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