We are the Light

we are the light

In this week’s message, Marilyn/Adironnda “The Vessel” Harper encourages us to look at our own reflection and see the light we manifest, and expand it. Just as Marilyn expands her own light to us through these weekly messages, which are intended to make our lives brighter.

Without any further ado, let’s watch Marilyn on the video below for this week’s message.

We are the Light

Let me share with you what I noticed… You know, I think it is just me.

Each time I make one of these weekly messages or each time I do the Double Digit or each time I seem to do anything on a video, I can see that I always have this brilliant light up at my crown.

It is there.

Sometimes it goes away and then it comes back or when I move around it goes away but it then comes right back. Many times, I notice too that when pictures are taken of me, there is light around my head. When I look in the reflection as I am walking past a store window or something, there is that light around my head.

we are the light

I know that I have a brilliant light around my crown, I bet you do too.

How about you? What are you doing? Why don’t you start looking at reflections of yourself and see the Light that you are? Just think about that.

I believe that I do intentionally expand my light. Are you intentionally expanding your light too?
If you are not; why not?

Let’s expand our light together. After all, WE are the Light.

Yes, we ALL are the light.

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Namastè Y’all!

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