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See How Marilyn Uses Her Awareness Bracelet to Be the Best She Can Be

The key to breaking a habit is to be consciously aware of the habit…

A 21-day Process to Achieving What Presently May Seem Unachievable

Hi, I’d like to tell you a little bit about our Awareness Bracelets. The way these Awareness Bracelets came about is kind of interesting. It was in front of a group channeling session with Adironnda & the Council of Light, and they said the more you complain about something, the more you think negative thoughts about yourself, the more prevalent that is going to be. It’s like a purchase order to the Universe.

How the Awareness Bracelet came about…

I’m sure you heard Adironnda say that many times, and someone raised their hand and asked the question, “How do they catch themselves when becoming or speaking negatively about themselves is such a habit?” And actually that question stimulated 21 Days to Freedom From Addiction and Habits, and it also stimulated Adironnda to state a story about the Awareness Bracelet. First, They told a little story about the Unity Minister in, I don’t know, Oklahoma or Kansas City or someplace that had a complaint-free world bracelet that was rubber and They knew that Joeaux was definitely not going to wear a rubber bracelet on her wrist. Heh-heh, and neither would I, and so They said to take any bracelet and infuse it with the energy of awareness.

How to Use the Awareness Bracelet

Every time you think negatively about yourself or you think negatively about someone else, you know because negative thoughts are really just a habit, but every time you do change the bracelet onto the other wrist, and your objective, of course, is to wear it on the same wrist for 21 days. Now, you will see Joeaux and I both with bracelets everyday that you see us, probably, and every once in a while you’ll see us changing that bracelet to the other wrist so you know that we’re working on something. I mean, we’ve broken habit after habit after habit first of negative thoughts because negative thoughts about ourselves is really, it’s a habit, and then about negative thoughts about others, about thinking about our finances, about, about thinking about our events in a negative way, something. and we’ll change the bracelets, you know, when we’re working on…I’ve used it when working on letting go of a few extra pounds, and every time I think about food when I’m not hungry, I’ll change the bracelet, and it helps me be aware of the habit and the feeling that it caused by that habit.

Break a Habit, Beautifully

Now we have three, no, we have four bracelets now ’cause we just created a new–Dida our jewelry artist just created a new bracelet. We have the original. That’s amethyst which helps you connect your third eye. Helps you balance your energy. We have a rose quartz which helps you anchor love into your life. We have earth elements which is pyrite which helps you integrate other energies into itself. Hematite which helps you ground your energy and copper which is a conductor. And we have a brand new bracelet that is the rainbow colors and/or chakra colors, if you would, and it is about balancing out your energy completely and igniting transformation of old habits into brand new programs. So that’s our Awareness Bracelets. Enjoy!

Get Your Own Awareness Bracelet

Client – Dancing Rain, Idaho:
“I love my AWARENESS BRACELETS! Literally, every time I see Marilyn and Joeaux, I buy 2 bracelets because I’m constantly giving mine away to women I know that are in transformation. I gently offer them the bracelet right off my own wrist, explaining that it helps to break the habit of negative self-talk (because I’m sure they don’t want to be doing that). They are always grateful!”

Joeaux Robey, CoCreator Adironnda & Company
“I recently did a stress test. My rate was that of a 33 year old. Let’s just say, I am MUCH older than 33. The facilitator, astounded, asked me what I did for a living. I told him I teach people to be happy. He said, ‘You definitely walk your talk.’ I’m not trying to brag here, I want to make a point… I attribute my sense of peace to Adironnda’s teachings INCLUDING my AWARENESS BRACELET. I’m never without it and I’m always working on something. In fact, whenever you se me (and Marilyn) you’ll see we are constantly “changing our bracelet.” It’s like the secret Adironnda handshake!”

Client – “Marilyn taught me this process and we just used silicone rubber bands. And, it worked! My negative self talk literally disappeared. Then, we thought… you know, these bands could be beautiful bracelets made of stones and glass with healing properties. Guess what? It works even better because I LOVE wearing them – they’re so pretty!!!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if I wear it out, changing wrists?
A: Buy another one! We always have Awareness Bracelets available on our site. You might change it 50 times in the first hour, but eventually you will realize it has been on the same wrist for a day, then 2 days, then 21 days. It took me (Marilyn) 120 days to actually get to 21 consecutive days of no negative thoughts or stress filled actions of myself.
Q: Can I wear more than one AWARENESS BRACELET at a time?
A: Of course! That just helps you be more aware. If you see Marilyn and Joeaux online or at an event, most likely you’ll also see that they wear a variety of AWARENESS BRACELETS at all times.

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