Welcome 2021

Using Your Imagination

Take a Deep Breath

Hello. Happy 2021 I was just sitting here thinking about the weekly message, and I heard, “Let me take this one.” So, I’m a little nervous about that because I never know what’s going to happen. So take a deep breath.

Adironnda’s Message

So it is good day to you, huh? Oh, so very good to see your light, your brightness, your divine presence, yes. Yes. Sometimes we surprise our “Vessel Marilyn,” we have a message for you, and she is not sure what is going to happen; we are, however. For you see, these are new times. As you know, it is a new year, woo-hoo! Ready to put 2020 to bed, got that vision, got that 2020 vision of seeing everything very clearly.

Age of Intuition

Now it is the time for you to feel that energy. You see, this is the age of intuition; this is the age of enlightenment. And as you are connecting with that perfection that is within you, we wish for you to know that as you are visualizing and not to put it down on your vision board as they used to do, because that actually limits the energy. Instead, use your vision board as a huge big screen TV in front of you when you visualize those things that you are connecting with.

Year of Change

Bring it home to you this year; bring it home into the physical form. You see, this is the year of change. So the way you are creating yes, dearest beings of light are going to change as well. With this focus, you are being and bringing more energy and more information and more connection that indeed you thought possible.

This or Something Better

We know we told you that last year, so imagine what it is going to be this year. This or something better that is your new theme. This or something better, this or something better. Our “Vessel Marilyn” has one of those bouncing yoga ball chairs; we love it. We love anything with any type of movement, for you see it is about moving this year. Not that you’re going to move your home, you may have already done that; it is about moving the energy.

Getting to Know You Better

It is about leaning into you and really getting to know you better than ever before. What are your gifts, your strengths, your weaknesses? What areas of your life would you like to improve, or areas you are acknowledging? You know those areas that you wish to improve, you might think as a shortcoming of yourself, and you think, well, how can I have a shortcoming if I’m in my divine perfection? Well, that is the question that you get to answer, isn’t it?

Magnificent Creation

For your divine perfection, utilizes all your talents and skills and your gifts. And not everyone’s gift is the same; not everyone’s skill is the same. Yes, you know that is why they make chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Yes, you know that you are all uniquely different. You are each, as we have said many times, a magnificent creation in this dimension, and there’s only one of you in all of the dimensions.

Manifesting Abilities

Now we know that we will get questions from people saying, “Well, if we are in other dimensions at the same time that we are in this dimension, and they’re supposed to be so many other dimensions, simultaneous universes going on at the same time and the same place and the same connection, are we the same in each one?” Well, dearest, just be here now; you’ve got your hands full right there. Don’t worry about who you are in some other dimension; just be present with your own divinity right here, right now in this dimension. And as you are, you get the opportunity to be all that you are indeed, for that is your manifesting abilities right here right now.

This is the New Way

So, we ask you every day to visualize yourself on the big screen television and see what you would like your life to be like in that day. Breathe into it, feeling it, see that frequency, see that energy before you sense it. Use your imagination, allow all to develop for you that the universe has in store for you. That is the new way. We will see you out there in the ethers, for we see you creating, accepting, acknowledging, loving, manifesting you. Namaste. Namaste.

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