We’ve Got Your Back

So here we are, taking a little walk at sunset. Marilyn and I just discovered that for every step I take, she takes a half of a step. So she’s a little bit behind me there. You know, it’s good to have a friend who has your back. It would be great if everyone on the planet can have somebody who has their back.

Because it’s just… even though I know that we are never alone for Spirit is always with us, and I get that…that’s definitely comforting… but it is also fun to have a friend. She is a friend that has your back as well. I hope that Marilyn and I can be that for you, too.

Know that we have your back any time you need a cheerleader. All you need to do is leave a comment below, and let us know that you need somebody who has your back, too.

[tweetshare tweet=”It’s good to have a friend who has your back – Joeaux Robey” username=”Adironnda”]Marilyn: I’ve got your back.

Namaste y’all,


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