What are Your End Goals?

What are Your End Goals

The Changing Year

I am thinking today about the changing years. I mean, good heavens, I think all of us are impressed that we survived and made it all through 2020 or those that didn’t make it through 2020, we know they’re watching over us.

Feeling that Achievement

As we move into 2021, I think that we get the opportunity to think about our end goals? What is it that we would like to experience this year? Instead of thinking about, “I have this goal of doing this and this and this and this and this.” Think of those results or what that pathway would be to achieve the result and what that means. If I want to experience new avenues in Adironnda & Company, what do I want to feel when I experienced those new avenues?

All About Change

I want to feel a consciousness of people’s energy, a consciousness of their integrity, a growth process of being inspired to go out and take action to find out what is most important in my life, as well as in your life. And I think that as we’re moving into these times or having just passed these times of changing the year, 2021 is a number five. So it is about change. It’s about becoming more sensitive to your innate gifts. So think about that and what that means to become more sensitive to your innate gifts or skills.

Breath into the Energy

What skills would you like to enhance? What would that look like and feel like? And what can you do to acknowledge that? Start breathing into that energy. I’ve had several people contact me about Channeling and Healing, like with the Channeler’s Academy and Holographic Healing. We’ve just had webinars about those, and those are innate abilities. How do I choose to perceive that? What is my goal? The end result would be to have hundreds of new Channels in the world that bring the messages of Source through integrity and through love.

Great Vision

To have hundreds, maybe thousands of new Healing practitioners helping people learn that their Healing is within their bodies, within their realm, within their intention. I choose this year to inspire as many people as possible, including myself, to take action. I’m breathing into what that may look like. It is a great vision. I’m excited. Let’s do this vision together. Namaste, y’all. Namaste.

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