What if I met a homeless person

By Lynne Cory

What if when you look into the eyes of a homeless person asking for money on the sidewalk, you are actually looking into the eyes of one who is here to teach compassion on the planet? Can you not bless them as you pass even if you have nothing to give nothing to give but a smile or a good wish.

Homeless woman (courtesy of PhotoBucket
Homeless woman (courtesy of PhotoBucket[IMG]http://i181.photobucket.com/albums/x48/originalsmazzle/homeless.jpg[/IMG]
A woman recently came to me in a supermarket parking lot. At first I thought she wanted my basket but when I looked into her clear blue eyes, I knew she wanted money. I reached into my bag and gave her some and told her that she was an angel who had come into my life to help me appreciate my life even more. I told her that we could very easily be in each others shoes, me asking her for help. We hugged and I felt like I was walking on clouds all day.

What a gift she gave me.


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